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Monthly Meeting - September

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Hey Everyone! 


Be sure to check back here for anything you might have missed. 


This Month's Meeting: September 17th 2016

Location:  Page One Cafe 106 Mutual Street, Toronto ON

RSVP: here


This Month's Meeting Minutes - September 17th 2016


Fan Expo Recap

  • We made our goal for recruitment, we might want to push for higher numbers next time

  • Cosplay First Aid and volunteer binder thoughts?

    • Everyone liked the quick reference of the binder

    • Cosplay kit seemed to bring in people, just make it clear its free.

    • Comments made on making sure there is a female and male volunteer around if possible to be able to help with fixing costumes

  • We want to brainstorm ideas to bring in more traffic

    • Cosplayers

    • Rebranding the booth to be more Extra Life than SickKids


  • T-shirts/Hoddies will be ordered on Monday September 19th - Order has been sent!

    • Last day was September 18th to get your order in

  • Dice have been ordered

    • Hoping to have them for game day (No promises)

Guild Member Updates

  • @Descrier

    • Streaming

      • If you want to get involved in weekly streams on twitch get a hold of him

    • Ontario Gaming Convention

      • September 25th in Barrie

      • Noon until 6pm.

      • $5 entry fee

      • Great place for swaps and to get some good retro games   

  • @MDee14

    • Is working with Microsoft Store at Square One on upcoming game release events

  • @PsycheDiver

    • EVE tournament

      • October 16th

      • Good Game Bar

      • 50/50 - 10% alcohol sales goes to team.

      • Spectator event

Upcoming Events

  • Meeting with Big Viking Games

    • Guild leadership is meeting to talk about partnership

  • Riddle Room - Oct 15th

    • Guild meeting before hand  

  • EVE Tournament - Oct 16th  @ GG Bar

    • Mention above

  • Game Day - Raiders starting at Noon Nov 5th

    • Stress Test Day on Oct 1st

    • Microsoft will be there during the day time up until 8pm

      • They will have surface pros for us to use for Artemis

    • Voice Actors - Signing and photoshoots.

      • Unique to our event


  • Concerns about making sure our game day event doesn’t turn into a corporate flea market.

  • Big Viking Games

    • ask them about doing a competition of our team versus theirs.

      • Might not happen until after game day

    • Sent link to James about the video they made, we are hoping he might be able to do something similar

  • It's more convenient for guild meetings to be partnered with an event


Next Month's Meeting: October 15th 2016

Location:  Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON


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Everyone one Meeting Minutes are updated! If you have any events/ tasks that you want to get involved in then let us know! We love people taking the lead on things and want to help out where we can! 

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