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Baltimore Comic Con is coming up on September 2nd and continuing until September 4th.  As this is a large scale event that will draw in attendees from the surrounding states, we encourage volunteers from nearby guilds to participate!  We have two badges, and will be able to secure two additional badges as needed.  These badges will be handed off throughout the weekend.


If we are able to flex our coverage up to enough people that we would have more than two people available at any given time, then we can shorten some of the shifts to allow additional time to explore the convention.  We will be planning out details of this event this upcoming Saturday during a virtual meeting/conference call.  You can find the details at the event page:



If coverage (and terms of the badges) allows for it, participants will be allowed to attend panels or events before or after their volunteering shifts however this cannot be guaranteed.  People attending Baltimore Comic Con for fun who are willing to provide brief lunch break coverage to volunteers are also encouraged to RSVP at the event below.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!



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