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Thanks so very much to our heavy hitters over the course of Otakon weekend:  @KJCoin, @Ceraph1216 and @Aaron!  You guys covered a lot of hours with minimal breaks and enabled @NodnarbDude, my husband and I to focus on enjoying the convention we paid so much to attend.  I learned a lot of hard-earned lessons about setup and breakdown situations between this event and Gamescape, and I'm really glad we made things work to be at this con at the last minute.


Our final results for the weekend as tallied was a grand total of 145 unique Extra-Life sign-ups!  Over the course of our total "open hours," this works out to approximately 6 sign-ups per hour, with this number much lower per individual volunteer. Due to the size of this convention and the number of people traveling from out of state to attend, there was a substantial percentage of people who signed up for other hospitals, especially on Friday.  Fewer locals attended the con on Friday during the day, while out of state gamers were there bright and early on Friday morning as they had checked into their hotels the previous night.  I would approximate that at least 30% of our sign ups were out of state, although we did not capture concrete tallies on JHCC vs. other hospitals.  We also had several people who signed up to participate this year, but had already participated in Game Day previously.  Based off of the average of each sign up resulting in $100 raised by the close of the fundraising year, we can approximate that our efforts this weekend raised $8700 for our local hospital.


We still missed our goal for 10 sign-ups per hour, but I think the potential was there to hit it and I believe with some tweaking we'll get there next year.  I know the table got very overwhelmed during opening times, and some people walked away before we had the opportunity to speak with them.  I think that while we did a great job and had a good location, there were other strategies we could have used to increase traffic had we known that we would have so much space.


Here's some further analysis of the weekend:

  • Most impactful hours:  Friday 11-1 (22 sign-ups), Saturday 10-12 (21 sign-ups), Saturday 12-2 (18 sign-ups), Saturday 6-8 (17 sign-ups), Saturday 8-closing (17 sign-ups).
  • Least impactful hours:  Friday 5-7 (6 sign-ups), Friday 7-8:30 (5 sign-ups), Sunday 10:30-12:30 (3 sign-ups), Sunday 12:30-closing (0 sign-ups)
  • Saturday could have kept rolling late into the evening, however due to staffing issues we shut things down at around 9 PM.  I think we should plan to have coverage until close of the game room next year (1 AM).
  • Sunday was pretty much pointless for sign-ups, however we completed raffle drawings and administrative tasks on Sunday.  The raffle was effective at generating sign-ups in my opinion, however several people did not respond or pick up their prizes.


If you volunteered for Otakon, please fill out the post-event survey I created at the link below.  We want to ensure you are having the best possible volunteer experience, and that we are getting t he most out of every event that we ask you to participate in.




Please feel free to reply to this post to further discuss the event, our results, and what we should focus on for next time.  Thanks again, everyone!



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Thanks again for getting everything together at the last minute! I know staffing was an issue and we had a hard time getting people signed up quickly due to the lengthy sign up process on Extra Life's website (also the lack of wifi at the convention center) but all in all I think we did an awesome job! Next year we will have to start talks with Otakon and the DC Guild well in advance so we can come out swinging :)

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