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Monthly Meeting - August

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Hey Everyone! 


Here is the new thread where meeting minutes will go. 

Be sure to check back here for anything you might have missed. 


Next Meeting: September 17th 2016

Location:  Page One Cafe 106 Mutual Street, Toronto ON

RSVP: here


This Month's Meeting Minutes - August 25th at 401 Games 

Guild Leadership

  • Thank you to Aileen and Raj for their amazing work getting the guild off the ground and well on its way.

  • We wish them all the best in their new occupations and glad to see them still active members of our team.

  • Introduce Erin (President), Maria (VP) and Jess (Secretary)  

Guild’s Goal

  • Recruitment - recruiting is our main focus at events.

    • End date is December 31st but we want them before Game Day (Nov. 5th)

    • For exact recruitment number message guild leaders

  • Quick facts about our target demographic

    • 75% male

    • 83% of participants are between 18 and 38

  • Ipads/Extra Life app registers people as participants of Extra Life

    • Will send them an email within the next week thanking them for signing up

    • If people don’t want to be signed up as a participant they can unsubscribe, or they can use the new survey and not agree to the boiler plate information that states that they will be signed up for the program and our Guild e-newsletter

  • Demo of new survey for iPad

    • Erin will look into seeing if it can be on more than one device

    • We got a discount for being a charity

    • The new survey will have a spot to say who helped them today (tracking how many people each of our members can sign up)


  • Meeting with the store in Square One

    • They sent us a schedule of all the different events they plan to do before the end of this year.

    • They hold a lot of their events in Celebration Square, average crowd is 200 people

    • They would also want us to reach out to indie devs or other people in the gaming industry that would be interested in coming to talk to people about getting into the industry and maybe promoting more women to join the field.

  • Teaser on prizing

    • Possibly for guild members who perform the best / Raffle


  • Updates on tshirts/hoodies

    • Hoodie / T-shirt4v2.jpg11v2.jpg

    • Looking into collecting funds then should have them printed before next guild meeting

    • Require everyone to submit sizing in forum

  • Dice

    • Waiting to hear back from Panda, they talked with the National team and are dealing with them first.

Social Media

  • Discord

    • Used for general communication, bonding, gaming

  • Facebook group

    • Reflect the same things as the forum but people will see it more often

  • Twitter  

    • Follow our team and retweet, please!

  • Twitch

    • There has been a growing interest in creating our own channel that we can stream weeks leading up to game day.

    • Would be our main stream for game day

    • Marcel is our go-to person for any questions we have about it.

      • Leadership is going to help put him in touch with the Extra Life Stream Team


  • Tax Receipts are clean cut, person donates they get on in return

  • Gift Confirmation we are allowed to thank the person who donated, and possibly co-brand, social media promote, etc.

  • Raiders

    • Front section a bar, back section gaming area

    • Looking into it for Game Day

      • Charge to come in / donation

    • Possible meeting area for the guild in the future

    • Currently an employee is looking into logistics (being open 24hrs)


  • September 11 - Guild Appreciation Day

    • Waiting for Tara to come back for more information, will post about it once we find out  

    • Most people are interested in coming to the event

  • September 17 - Tabletop Games Day

    • Extra Life Event Link

    • Meetup Link  

    • 10% of the drink sales and board game auction will be donated to our team

    • Custom drink for our event

    • Looking for some volunteers to help out with donations, talking to people, etc.

    • TIFF is happening during the same weekend/week

  • September 25 - Barrie Gaming Convention (Justin)

    • Noon - 6pm

    • Organizers will keep us in the loop about other events they do

    • Coordinate with Tara to get Justin the Heart Block booth

  • September 18 - Prep for game day

    • Sounds like an Online event

    • Stefanie will look into it and get back to us.

  • September 1-4 - Fan Expo (Last thing we talk about)

    • Make sure IPads are charged

    • Binders

      • Maria is making two binders that will be at each of the main events for the year.

      • It will serve as a quick reference for all volunteers.

      • Recruitment goals for that event, 30 second pitch, place to put business cards, notes section, schedule, contact list, etc.

      • Any suggestions are welcome!

    • Cosplay First Aid

      • This will be at our booth, Jess has extras of most things if anything runs out please notify her.

      • Depending if it’s helping the booth then we might invest more into it.

        • We are looking into getting a custom sticker on it.

        • We might get someone to dress up in lab coat and be Dr. Cosplay

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On 8/27/2016 at 3:07 PM, robhj said:

are there mins from the last meeting? missed it. :(


Hey Rob, 

They will be posted shortly:)

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Hey guys! In re: to September 11, I am just waiting on some final confirmation from the hospital will have full details available by mid-week! In the meantime, please save 2-5pm for time at the hospital :)

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