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Game releases at Game Stop

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Hey folks!


Erin and I recently attended the Madden 17 pre-release at Game Stop with the Extra-Life table setup and banner. Below is the list of upcoming releases. Events are from 8-10 at the San Mateo/Montgomery store (thanks Kevin!). They're a little slow to start but get a pretty decent rush near 10. If you're interested in attending a specific event to recruit players let me know!


World of Warcraft Legion: Aug 29

NBA 17: Sept 15

Fifa 17: Sept 26

Final Fantasy XV: Sept 29

Gears of War 4: Oct 6

Mafia 3: Oct 6

Battlefield: Oct 17

Titanfall 2: Oct 27

Call of Duty: Nov 3

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These are all fantastic opportunities to get in touch directly with the gaming community of Albuquerque.


Thanks Cecil for working these out with Kevin!

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Hi everyone,


This Thursday, November 3rd, is our last recruitment opportunity before Game Day! Call of Duty will be releasing, and we are able to set up at the San Mateo/Montgomery location to spread the word about Extra Life! Please let me or Cecil know if you are able to help out.





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