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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:The BioWare Forums Close This Week

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Come Friday, the BioWare forums that have been in operation for the past six years will become read-only. After two months, the read-only period will end and the forums for the Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and legacy franchises like Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic will be no more.


In their announcement of the forum closure, BioWare stated that the decision was difficult:


Our players are important to us. Your feedback, stories, and love for our games drive and inspire us.


In the past, our forums were the only way we could speak to you directly. They allowed our developers to talk with fans, and gave our players the opportunity to talk with each other about our games. But with the rise of social media and geek culture, there have never been more ways for us to connect.


EA and BioWare figure that since there are other online communities on sites like Reddit or Tumblr where fans of their games have joined together that makes their forums obsolete (with the exception of the Old Republic forums, which will continue to operate normally for the foreseeable future). Being able to meet fans at events like PAX also factored into their decision, according to their statement. As a result, people working at BioWare or EA have been spending less time on the forums due to having to cover all the other avenues of information. 


Some private boards will be spared the forum purge for future betas and special projects. 


It's truly the end of an era for BioWare as it moves in a new direction. That direction might not be healthy for fans, especially those who made the BioWare forums their own community. "This is our home now, and while it may seem strange and confusing I believe we're going to settle in just fine," said BioWare forum user Kolomir back in 2010 when BioWare moved to the forums currently in use.   


The BioWare forums will be inaccessible after October 26 of this year.

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I feel like there is an important lesson to be learned here in regard to the use of forums as an exclusive means of communication...#justsupersaiyan

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