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Meeting minutes 8-21-16

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Extra Life Guild meeting 8/21/16

Meeting started at 3:15 p.m. at Bobby’s house. Played Spyfall after our meeting.


Members present:

Bobby - VP

Keith - Secretary









Five events are coming up in the next month! Please respond to postings in the forums, on facebook, or leave a comment on these minutes and we’ll put you down. As we hear more from interested folks, we’ll keep you posted!


  1. OmegaCon (Charlottesville, VA) Aug 26-28 - We have two badges that will be shared among all volunteers at the event and passed to the next shift after completing.

  2. Wizard World Comic Con (Richmond, VA) Sept 9-11 - This will be at the Richmond Convention Center.  Still awaiting confirmation on a volunteer table. Will update you when we know more!

  3. LEGO Brickfest Live (Richmond, VA) Sept 17-18 - A convention dedicated to LEGO enthusiasts with a focus on a slightly younger audience. There will be contests, exhibitions and things for sale. Should be a great crowd!

  4. Battlecon (Midlothian, VA) Sept 17-18 - A Pathfinder Society store convention at Battlegrounds in Midlothian. There will be a variety of Pathfinder games offered to both veterans and beginners. We’ll have volunteers around to talk to players about Extra Life.

  5. Chesterfield yard sale Sept 24 - Will benefit the Clover Hill math and science program. Interested parties can pay 25 dollars to rent a 2 parking space area to sell their own items. Kat and Andrew will be participating.

  6. Meet ups could be a good place to engage with the community!


Volunteering expectations/information:

  • Be passionate, engaged, and presentable. Stand up around the volunteer table and don’t bury your face in a book, DS or other distraction--you’re there to speak to people about something you enjoy! Share your Extra Life passion with them. Share our success! Gamers raised over $49,000 last year for CHoR at VCU!
  • Know your elevator speech; have a 30-60 sec speech in mind to talk about what Extra Life is to you and what we’re working on accomplishing.
  • Do you best to ask folks who are interested to sign up at the convention.
  • Check out the two apps we have available to us to promote Extra Life, including the registration app.We have access to brochures and other promotional materials. Just ask us and we can help get you those items.
  • People often lead with what information interests them when the conversation gets started. Appeal to their interests and connect those back to Extra Life


We are behind in both participants (only slightly) and money raised (thinking someone had done a big fundraising event last year by now, so it could make sense) by this point last year. With just over two months to go, it's time to refocus and get RVA involved!


Goals for next month:

200 participants

$4,500 raised

Considering Tues 9/20 at 6:30 p.m. as our next meeting! Will get information out to you when we have an exact date.

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On 10/10/2016 at 7:35 PM, MyOhMyke said:

I haven't seen any new meeting minutes.  When is the next meeting? :D


Hi Michael!  


We're looking to schedule a meeting in October, just getting the final details worked out. Stay tuned! 


Thanks for signing up.

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