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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Bastion Stars in New Overwatch Animated Short

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Blizzard definitely took some notes from WALL-E while crafting their first animated short since shortly before the release of Overwatch. Titled 'The Last Bastion,' the new animation spans over seven minutes and conveys its story with no dialogue whatsoever. The short delves into the backstory of everyone's favorite turret-based robot, Bastion. 


And honestly? This might be Blizzard's best Overwatch short to date. It's gorgeous and might just make you feel some feelings.


'The Last Bastion' tells the story of Bastion waking up over a decade after the great Omnic Crisis that threatened to overwhelm the world with army of robots controlled by rogue AIs. For unknown reasons, Bastion had gone dormant during that time and seemingly would have remained that way. However, Ganymede, Bastion's little bird friend, seems to reactivate the robot while building a nest on its shoulder. Retaining its orders from over a decade ago, Bastion sets out to fulfill its programming. 



I'm not going to say that Blizzard should just make a division dedicated to cranking out animated movies, but I'd throw my money at them if they did. 

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