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Monthly Meeting - August

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Hi all! Before I make a post about what we are hoping to discuss for the August meeting (which is 99.9% Fan Expo), I'm looking to see if anyone has any ideas for a change of venue. From the previous meeting, we asked if you would prefer to move the meetings to a weekend, specifically around an early afternoon. We're also wondering if there was an interest in moving the meeting location closer to the end TTC stations like Yorkdale or Finch. While we haven't gotten much response, it was a good idea to start looking for alternative spaces for the future. I've been contacted a few, but I haven't gotten much luck.

Do you guys have a place in mind? Even if I may have contacted the ones you might mention, but you have a contact on the inside, you'll have an upper hand :D 

If not, then we'll stick with 401 Games at Yonge&Wellesley for this month on a Thursday evening. So give us a shout with your ideas, please and thanks!



UPDATE: We're going to stick with the usual Thursdays for this month only as the weekends are packed for other activities and events. So the meeting will take place at the usual 401 Games on Thursday, August 25th at 7:00 PM. As you guys can probably guess, we'll be going over the last few details for Fan Expo and what to expect after the summer. 

So check out the event page and RSVP! 

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I'm wondering if we start the transfer to weekends once the summer is done. I know people want the weekends to on day trips, cons, CNE. Maybe we can stick to thursday and change after Fan Expo? Just a thought! I'm pretty much free on weekends in case we do switch but just thought I'd throw that out there! 

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It would depend on the time of the meeting wether a weekend would work for me. I work every weekend, but usually I get out around 7 on Sundays, so that would be best for me. Where it is doesn't matter as long as it is TTC accessible.

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