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omni prime

Las Cruces Comic Con

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How's it going Albuquerque Extra Lifers!


It has been much too long. I have more than a few things and plenty that I need help with moving forward.


Let's talk about Las Cruces Comic Con!


LCCC will be the weekend of September 9th from Friday through Sunday.


Location :  680 E University Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88001


Arrival times will be Friday September 9th at 2 PM and departure from the event will be Sunday September 11th at 6 PM

  • Departing Albuquerque at  ~ 12 PM Friday and arriving back to Albuquerque on Sunday at ~9:30PM
  • You will be responsible for your own lodging and meals
  • All normal "con" rules apply
  • If you wish to cosplay make sure it is family friendly and think if you can wear it to the Children's Hospital visits, it is OK to wear while working at the con.


I am making myself available in order to not only travel to the event but to work most of the weekend. We cannot provide lodging or transport, however, Cruz will be attending the event for most of the weekend and we are looking for other Guild members who may already be planning on attending or can cover their own lodging needs for Friday and Saturday nights.


The con directors will be providing us with booth space as well as two passes for the Guild members currently working the Extra Life Albuquerque booth. Anyone not working the booth is subject to an entrance fee for the day. We are working on getting power donated by the facility.


I think this would be a great opportunity for Guild members to visit other Extra Lifers in different parts of New Mexico as well as show our friends down south that we are looking forward to their efforts and raising funds alongside them as we get closer to the November nationwide event!


If you are interested in going to the event and helping us with coverage for the weekend or have any other questions about the event get in contact with @omni_prime, @GeneraLedger, or @islander.


There will be an excel google doc link to follow in order to work "shifts" out so that we don't get overwhelmed by the time at the event. Think mornings, lunch, afternoon, and evenings.


Thanks as always guys!



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