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Here are the meeting notes from Tuesday’s monthly meeting.




  • Andrew, Steven, Marcus, Keri, Jason, Elijah, Jimmy, Nan, and new faces Daniel (Jimmy’s brother) and Ross (NC State E-Sports Leader)


Fundraising/Recruitment Update


  • $48,796 for Duke Children’s so far (majority from YouTubers) towards $110K goal!


    • Currently ranked 3rd hospital behind # 1 Knoxville ($59,099) and # 2 San Francisco ($54,701)


  • Guild: $927 towards $15K goal!  (29%)


  • Total Signups for 2016 – 217 towards 751 goal!


    • Currently ranked 20th of 150 guilds for signups (down from 18th last month…)


Recent Events Summary


  • Carolina Rollergirls (Jimmy, Sandra) – Great event, about 10 signups.


  • Kramden 12-Hour Marathon (Steven, etc.) – Had fun!  About 10-12 people attended.


  • Hearthstone Fireside Gathering (Pete, etc.) – Great event, Atomic Empire was a great host, 4-5 signups.


Last Month Action Items


  • Carolina Railhawks – Need to follow up on this.


  • Personal Extra Life Donation Pages – Make sure yours is customized with a picture and short paragraph about why you Extra Life!


Hospital Update


Future Events


  • 8/5 – First Friday Raleigh (partnership with the Raleigh Times Bar)


  • 8/10 – “Drink for a Cause” Night @ Boxcar – Pokemon Snap High Score Tournament and awesome buttons!


  • 8/17, 8/19 – New Student Orientation @ NC State – Ross from the NCSU E-Sports organization is going to have tents and tables set up in a heavy student traffic area.  He will be handing out Loot Crates to those interested in joining.  We plan to have a table there with possibly Rocket League and/or Street Fighter 5.  We are also looking to partner with the Duke Dance Marathon group (possibly with Dance Central on Xbox) as they raise money for the same reasons as Extra Life!  Ross plans to be there from 8-5 pm each day.


  • 9/11 – Downtown Cary Food & Flea Market – Looking to have a table for this event.




  • Andrew shared a recent “Pokemon Walk” hosted by the Albany Guild.  They had local Pokemon groups advertise on Facebook and received over 500 RSVPs.  They provided charging stations for devices, and the hospital provided water and snacks to the participants.  The received an insane 120 signups in just three hours!!


  • Andrew also wants us to take advantage of the Pokemon craze locally in Nash Square.  We are looking to have a table set up in the park.  There are restrictions but it looks like the city is going to green light this!


  • I mentioned having another 12-hour event around the half way point between now and the main event on 11/5.  That puts us in mid-September.  Once next month gets a bit closer we will determine a date.


  • I’ll also mention that we discussed the main event itself but more will come about that soon!!




That’s it guys and girls!  As always feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns!!






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The hardest part is scarfing down my pizza before the meeting actually starts and keeping up with the discussions as I'm writing notes.

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14 minutes ago, MajorLinux said:

Fine work, sir!

I second this!  Thank you for taking the time each month to do this.  

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