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Sorry for the late post! We meant to get something up here sooner! As discussed in our monthly newsletter email (Thanks Spoety!!), tonight is our monthly meeting for August.


For anyone not on our monthly email list already, feel free to either message myself, or Spoety, and we will get you added!r


Tonight's meeting will be at 7 PM, in the Waddlington Board Room, on site at the Children's Hospital. We will be discussing the next couple of month's activities, and any changes coming down the line.


Thanks all, and looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

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Good meeting last night team, glad to see those who came out.


#DominicStrong (now that we have the pregnant  Empress Grand Master crying lol) - Seriously though, touching video, powerful message. Have tissues handy.

Watch Dominic's Story


Upcoming events: This Friday and Saturday (Aug 5 & 6), Suicide Squad premier, we'll have a booth setup at the Carmike Wynnsong 10 in Madison. We have some volunteers, but could definitely use more if anyone is available either night. Friday will be 5-8, Saturday will be 4-7. (All PM)


We set goals this past meeting, to keep things motivated. We figure if we can keep small, manageable goals, instead of big ones, we might keep people's interest better. So our goal for the month of August, is to have each person try to recruit at least ONE person to Extra-Life. If everyone did that, we would double our chapter's size. We would love to see a guild that is 50 strong, with no shortage of volunteers for events! It will come in time, but it takes dedication from us. I know you can all do it!


Thanks everyone. :)

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