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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Overwatch Celebrates the Olympics with Lúcioball

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Blizzard kicks off the Olympics a bit early by introducing seasonal events with their own Summer Games. For the next three weeks, loot boxes will be sporting a new look and the chance to unlock special, limited edition gear for characters. These sprays, emotes, skins, and more can't be unlocked through in-game purchases, but each loot box obtained over the duration of the games is guaranteed to contain at least one of the Summer Games items. The event concludes on August 22 and Blizzard says they won't be coming back out. 


To create a compelling seasonal event, Blizzard turned to musical sensation Lúcio and mixed in a heaping helping of soccer and a dash of Rocket League to make a frantic 3v3 mode. Wall running with speed boosts, jump pads, and a redefined moveset place Lúcioball apart from traditional game modes. Lúcio's primary attack has been replaced with a melee attack that can dribble and pass the ball across the pitch. His alternate fire can pelt the ball across the map at a terrifying speed. His ultimate now pulls the ball toward him from wherever it is on the map. 



Players have from now until August 22 to enjoy Lúcioball and earn the 100 new cosmetic items. Get to work!

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