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Pokemon Go Help Needed!

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Good Afternoon Everyone!

I have a solid date and time for our first Pokemon Go event.  Here are the details...
Where: Eastern Hills Mall
When: Next Wednesday, August 3rd starting at 6:00pm (should run until 8pm or 9pm)
What: We'll be running a recharging station at the starting point.
We'll need 3 or 4 volunteers to help man the station and recruit during the event.  I also need some members who are willing to let us borrow their cel phone chargers for a night.  Please respond here if you can help out!
This is going to get some attention, as the Mall is publicizing this through local radio, and OOgie is hiding more Pokeballs for the walkers to find.  I'll be there personally handing out prizes to the winners who find the Pokeballs.
Shamanom, would you please let me know if you were able to put together a poster board or if you need any help with it?  The Mall will be providing an 8 foot table and skirt, and I'll be printing up 100 of Laura's wonderful new tri-folds that night to hand out.
Please help out by sharing our posts through social media! Because I know not everyone is friends with me on Facebook, I'll post it on all three of my outlets: my personal Facebook page, my StandardDamage Facebook page, and my Twitter.  I'll post here when it goes out so it's easily shared.

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Okay, the social media post for the Pokemon Go event is now up.  If you could share it that would be awesome!

The post is on OOgie Games Facebook page...
I'll also have it up on all my Social Media if you'd simply like to share (or retweet) it.
Also, I still need some help that night (it's now only one to two hours...only supposed to run until 7:00pm). If you can help please let me know!

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I would be able to stop by and lend a hand if needed! I can provide a charger for Android phones as well as a portable charger.

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Awesome!  Please do!  Shamanom will be joining us as well.


Lisa also provided us with small water bottles and bracelets to sell and help raise funds for the Guild.

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