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Sponsor/Venue Template

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Hello <insert company/name of owner here>!


My name is <insert your name here> and I’m a member of the Extra Life Jacksonville Guild. Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon that benefits Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Every year, gamers across the United States, Canada, and even in other parts of the world, play games to heal sick and injured children. Gamers sign up, create a profile page, and then can choose which CMN hospital that their donations apply. Here in Jacksonville, we encourage our local Extra Lifers to choose Wolfson Children’s Hospital or UF Health Jacksonville, so that funds raised help our local kids.

Extra Lifers receive donations by promoting their profile page to friends, family, their workplace, and other potential donors. Locally, as a Guild, we partner with different organizations and businesses throughout the year to raise funds that will be applied to our grand fundraising total. Some of those events have included a Painting with a Twist night, Comedy Zone nights, and being selected as a featured charity at events like GAAM (Games Art and Music).

Nationally, Extra Life has raised over $18 million since 2008. Extra Life has had a presence in Jacksonville since 2012 and has grown exponentially every year. Last year alone, our local gamers raised over $33,000 for Wolfson Children’s Hospital and UF Health Jacksonville.

We’d like to reach out to even more gamers this year, and I thought we could team up! We’re currently searching for a location to hold our 24 hour marathon on Saturday November 5th. If you have any ideas regarding that or how and where we can find more recruits, I’d greatly appreciate your input.  I’m also attaching our marketing kit as we’re always keen on new partnerships.


Extra Life Donation Commitment 2016.pdf

Extra Life Marketing Kit 2016.pdf

Extra Life Sponsorship Agreement 2016.pdf

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We need assistance reaching out to companies across Jacksonville to sponsor us on game day. We're less than 4 months away from our marathon date! If you send an email or visit any location in person, please say which ones so we don't have multiple people asking the same place. Ask your employers, ask your family and friends! Below is a list of examples:



Fury Beard


Bank of America



Publix or other groceries

Games Workshop

Escape rooms



Coffee Companies

Sweet Pete's

Prime Osborn



Jax Suns

Gotham Comics

Hourglass Pub

First Place Sports

Sweets By Holly

River City Tattoos

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