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Hey guys,


It's time we tap into the Pokemon Go craze. Chris shared a link recently of a community event in New York (Albany?) that was a huge success. Bernardo mentioned doing something in Taos, and there is an event is Rio Rancho this Friday (7/22) at a park. 


I'd like for us to host/arrange a block party of sorts in old Town. There are several poke gyms and dozens of pokestops. We could arrange for some tables to facilitate sign ups, or just have members with iPads in the crowd. 


I'd like some ideas on how we can get entertainment (music?) In the park there, as well as input on the process/necessity of obtaining permits. Due to our climate I was thinking something late evening and into the night, potentialy past the normal closing at 10 pm. I know there have been some complaints there recently and police involvement in clearing crowds out. It would be a good opportunity to maybe mend some relations with the Pokemon players and local business as well. 


Input is very welcome as I don't quite know where to start. I am willing  to invest the footwork and time as necessary once we can get pointed in the right direction. 


Let's do this!



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Good morning Cecil,


I think this is a great idea, I do see that there are some Pokemon go players in the community who seem to be getting a little bit more agitated with getting cleared up by officers in the evening hours from Old Town. The last thing that I want as both a player and as part of the extra Life Community is for there to be bad relations between us gamers and the actual law enforcement. So for direction I would most likely start with APD and reach out to their front desk officer to find out if there's a public liaison or public Outreach liaison that we can work with directly. Also it seems that a lot of the members of the Chamber of Commerce might be catching on to the crazy as well so it would be great to see if we can get food trucks or local businesses to cater as well as the permit donated for such an event and see if we can't get the city on board through the mayor's office or otherwise. If you would like to take point on this and then get into contact with either one of those offices let me know which one you have not contacted and I will reach out to the other. The city of Albuquerque may already have something in the works. I think this would be a great opportunity to maybe even join forces with a couple of other not-for-profits to see if they would be interested in having a presence of such an event as well. For example there is a not-for-profit called dreamtree project up in Taos which helps at-risk youth. For getting involved with already existing events that can happen at any time by any guild member or any player with extra life, such as handing out flyers and talking to individuals about Extra Life, however when it comes to planning events this is going to have to fall on time that is outside of Guild Time for the reason of our directive to be Recruitment and solely recruitment. I have already spoken with Matt I will also bring this up in our email conversation with leadership to see how we can maybe get some feedback from other guilds and to find out exactly what they did to get something like this rolling without appearing too far off of our main directive. Thanks again for the initiative I think this could turn into a huge opportunity to make a presence for extra life known in the area especially for something that is creating such a positive impact and is taking the World by storm.

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