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I'm curious if anyone else around here has been playing this. I can tell I'm nearing the end, with I'm guessing two chapters remaining. It has been a charming blast so far that has also been a bit refreshing.


It should be noted that I've never played an SMT or Persona game before, but my understanding is that they're challenging dungeon-crawlers with an emphasis on exploiting enemy weaknesses. That's certainly the case here, but those weaknesses ultimately result in your team ganging up all at once on the enemies. So there's certainly a strategy to it, especially if you're comparing which attacks result in what teammates will use what abilities and tally which option results in the most exploits of a weakness or most resistances.


If you have any familiarity with the Japanese idol industry then you'll instantly recognize the story as a fantasy of the life rather than a representation of it, but by focusing on show-business the game manages to stand out and feel like it's own unique thing. Incredibly anime in the most charming of ways with well-executed archetypes of characters. They feel deep enough for you to forget that you have encountered this character before in just about any other anime or JRPG of the last ten years.


It's probably one of my favorite games of the year, if not my favorite so far. If you're interested in either anime or good JRPGs then this is a must-buy, no debate about it.

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This is on my list of games to grab to close out my Wii U collection.  If I am being honest, I selfishly would like to see a port to Switch to give me something other than Zelda to play on the system haha.  I know if that were to happen though, I'd have plenty of other games (Arms, Splatoon 2, Stardew Valley) to keep me company before it would even be released.


I have tried SMT games in the past on 3DS and lost interest as the game dragged on only to eventually trade them in, but this looked like a more upbeat game than some of those have.  I think if anything that prevented me from getting it when it originally launched, but I will still probably loop back around to it.

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