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It's here! It's finally here!! Pokémon Go has finally dropped in Canada! All you need to do now is grab your friends, colleagues and random passerby's to join you in the hunt. 


However, to make it just a bit easier, we're thinking that if you want to get to know your fellow Guild members than what better way than getting lost together with Pokémon Go? We'll discuss the finer details during the Monthly Meeting (please visit the forum HERE or the event link HERE for more info), but we'd love to hear from you! Should we do a quick hangout during the weeks just to visit and catch some Abras? Or should be figure out which team everyone is in and have some friendly turf wars? 


I can't wait to hear what sort of Poké -adventures you guys would like to do with Extra Life!

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Just saw Extra Life post this on their facebook feed: Extra Life Pokewalks with Kids


What an amazing idea from the Albany Guild and it's awesome that it was such a success! We'll definitely bring it up during the Guild Meeting because even if we can't do walks it'll be amazing to host an event + lures at SickKids like @GravenTheRed mentioned. We can turn it into a mini fundraising/promo event or a fun activity for the family&friends of SickKids.

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Hey guys! Just a few things I wanted to share that helped me on my Poké-ventures! :)



Leveling Up (Required xp, items given):



CP Evolution calculator:



Guide for Medals:



Pokemon Rarity (Tauros is exclusive to North America):



There used to be a map for where you can find Pokemon but it's been taken down since the official release of the app. Hopefully another one will come up!








  • Sugar Beach / Waters Edge Promenade
    A good alternative if you wanna catch water pokemon by Harbourfront! A decent amount of pokestops, benches and seats, nice water view,
  • Yonge and Lawrence
    My friends and I love this area for pokehunting. The people in this area are friendly and we've caught a few pokemon we haven't seen anywhere else. Here I've caught our of the usual was Clafairies, Growlith, and Mankey. For The Win Cafe is also there and have a charging station for Pokemon Trainers.
  • Milliken Park
    There are a TON of pokestops here!!! There's about 20 pokestops in this park alone. There's a garden by this gazebo that has 3 pokestop that locals like to have lure parties. I usually walk around to different pokestops to explore and find diffrent pokemon.
  • Scarborough Civic Centre Library
    Kind of a hot spot for Pokemon trainers residing in Scarborough. Outside the library I have a hard time logging in sometimes, but when I'm inside the library, I find its alot smoother to connect and I can use the library's wifi. There's a decent amount of pokestops within the area as well.


  • Harbour Square Park by Jack Layton Ferry Terminal
    There are a ton of lure parties here, but server crashes often because there's always a ton of people. I've seen a Lapras show up and everyone went nuts! I tried to catch it but the app kept crashing and it was hard to get back on the server.
  • Yonge and Dundas
    CRASH CRASH CRASH. I have not been able to log in once within that area. But when I went a little bit north-east to Ryerson area, I was able to log into their server.



If there are any areas you guys recommend please share! I'd love to check it out! :) 




in addition to all that, @GravenTheRed @AJia @Descrier it would be cool if we did a lure party at Sick Kids! Hopefully there wont be too many people on the app making the server crash! But it'd be super fun :)

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The Ferry Terminal was a great spot for me! They had 6 lures dropped surrounding the area, and I was picking up new Pokemon every 30 seconds! :D


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@aerynstarr really?? You know what, then again I haven't gone there since the official release, maybe it's better now? They've done 2 updates since I started playing.



BTW have u guys heard of the Eevee trick?!?! It worked for me! I named my Eevee "Sparky" and it evolved to a Jolteon :D


Here are the Eevee names if u guys wanna try it out:

Sparky = Jolteon
Rainer = Vaporeon
Pyro = Flareon




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i have a few power packs to share with trainers and I usually hunt around Davisville/Younge






are abundant around here on the time of day


and there are areas here with stops really close together as well.

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