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Here are the meeting notes from Tuesday’s monthly meeting.




  • Andrew, Keri, Jason, and Steven in-house plus Marcus and Pete (and two unknowns?) on the virtual stream.


Fundraising/Recruitment Update


  • $44,740 for Duke Children’s so far (majority from YouTubers) towards $110K goal!


    • Currently ranked 3rd hospital behind # 1 Knoxville ($58,596) and # 2 San Francisco ($49,357)


  • Guild: $679 towards $15K goal!


  • Total Signups for 2016 – 198 towards 751 goal!


    • Currently ranked 18th of 150 guilds for signups (down from 13th last month…)


Recent Events Summary


  • “Christmas in June” @ Duke Children’s – (Andrew, Steven, Thor) – Had a wonderful time hanging out with the kids and summer Santa!


  • “8-Bit Disaster” @ Ruckus – (Andrew) – Concert was great; got about 8-10 signups!


  • Mortal Kombat Tournament @ Boxcar – Nine participants (nasty storm probably kept crowd low).


  • Received $460 from Boxcar for June’s “Drink for a Cause” night.  Our next Boxcar event in August will also be part of “Drink for a Cause”!


Hospital Update


  • Endless Possibilities Dance Program:


    • Organized by Duke physical therapist Kristi Duke, this dance program received a Kid’s Care Grant which is all made possible due to fundraising efforts such as ours for Extra Life!  The program aims to promote children to dance and the “endless possibilities” that result from these movements.  Patients and their siblings are encouraged to participate, and the program is free for the families!  Many dance instructors from ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, African dance, and other styles have volunteered their time to show these kids a great time and teach some moves!  Free T-shirts are also provided for everyone!  What a wonderful program!


Future Events


  • 7/9 – Forsaken Fortress Smash Bros. Tournament


  • 7/23 – 12-Hour Marathon @ Kramden Institute


  • 7/30 – Hearthstone Fireside Gathering @ Atomic Empire (11 am – 5 pm)


  • 8/5 – First Friday Raleigh


  • 8/10 – “Drink for a Cause” Night @ Boxcar


  • 8/14 – (Tentative) Downtown Cary Food & Flea Market (9/11 also an option)


  • 8/17, 8/19 – (Possibility) New Student Orientation @ NC State




  • New Extra Life Mobile App – In addition to the existing registration app, there is a new app that enables users to make/track donations, change profile pictures, make/schedule Facebook posts.


  • Congratulations to Marcus on joining the Official Extra Life Streaming Team!  You can catch him on the Extra Life channel ( every Friday from 7-9 pm! 


    • The Extra Life channel features various streamers on Wednesdays-Sundays.  There are slots available but you must have a PC (no streaming through the PS4 unfortunately).



That’s it guys and girls!  As always feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns!!






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That's awesome that you were able to embed the video!  Great job!  Thanks for the detailed notes as always!

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