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Hello, fellow guildies!  I am the new Extra Life Baltimore Guild Vice President.  I am currently working on networking with events coordinators at local tabletop gaming shops.  My hope is that we can get some (if not all) of these shops to allow us to show up at key gaming events like set pre-releases to talk to their gaming community and recruit Extra Lifers.  I am currently working off of shops I know of as a MTG nerd, and supplementing my list with shops named on the Wizards of the Coast website.


If this seems to be successful, I'm going to also reach out to some local video game resale shops and see if we can get volunteers posted for major releases.


I'd like input and shop recommendations from any of you who are also passionate about tabletop gaming, or who know of some sweet local video game shops that are still trying to contend with Game Stop and the big box stores.  I have already made contacts with the following shops and will be working further with their event coordinators:


  • Chesapeake Sports Cards, Crofton, MD
  • Family Game Store, Savage, MD
  • Third Eye Games, Annapolis, MD
  • Games 'n' Stuff, Glen Burnie, MD
  • Squabbles, Glen Burnie, MD


I am completely unfamiliar with anything north of Baltimore, so anyone's suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Most of the shops have expressed a great deal of enthusiasm thus far, and I think this could be a really great untapped resource for recruitment going forward.  If all goes well, I'll be posting some additional upcoming events and looking for volunteers because I can't be everywhere at once on release nights!  :)

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