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Extra Life D&D at Dreamforce!

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Hey everyone!


I need some suggestions!!


I work at a company as a Salesforce admin and this year I will be attending their annual convention called Dreamforce in San Francisco. Minor backstory, Salesforce is one of the largest cloud computing/CRM companies around and Dreamforce is a MASSIVE convention.


This morning I saw a post in a salesforce community from a fellow user and discovered he was an Extra Lifer! WOO!

He is creating a little get-together and needs suggestions, so I figured I'd post here to see if you guys have any ideas to help fundraise or promote!


Here are his current ideas (all nerdy/salesforce themed):

  • Admin Cosplay Contest
  • D&D game
  • Silent Auction (items created by or donated by attendees)
  • Dramatic Reading


I was thinking of making a few of the Dice Bags suggested in a previous Fundraising post to add to the silent auction, and maybe if there's a TV have some sort of gaming rig set up.

I'm not sure of the limitations or access we will have to things at the get-together, but all ideas are welcome.


What other fun things could we do or make?!

With the number of people that go to this convention, it would be amazing if we could make this little gathering turn into something big!


Thanks friends B)

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Thanks Mokinns!  I've only been a part of this community for a few minutes and found you are already talking up our plans.  I would love to pick your brain at some point about your idea of a perfect ExtraLife event.

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Sure @Nerdforce John! I just messaged you back on the success community.

There's a ton of information on this site and a lot of good people to connect with, so let me know if you need any help navigating!





Hey @Gnomedic, you're the D&D mastermind :D - what are some fun side activities you like to do when you have a D&D game, if anything?

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