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Extra Life Guild Meeting 6/29/2016

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Nicole Spriet

  • Returning from maternity leave to take over the Extra Life Program
  • 54 participants - $2379 raised thus far


Jon Pilon Update

  • Discord - an online resource for guild bonding and virtual meetings, created for everyone
  • Jon to send a note about Discord
  • Will be challenging his Party Planning Committee to bring a new member their new meetings and suggested the same challenge for each committee


Scheduling Discussion

  • Rhythm for meetings
  • Should we be recording meetings large meetings?
  • Meeting notes should be posted on the forums and reminded for Facebook
  • Forums should be used more for communication going forward
  • Action: Jacob to send a note on Facebook about the forums


New Sub Committees for 2016

  • Recruitment/Fundraising
  • Booth Presence/Party Planning Committee
  • Corporate Outreach



  • Do we have our goal for this year?
  • Do we have goals on recruitment?
  • Action: Trevor B to send a note about goals for this year


Open House aka the Guild Refresh

  • What is the vision? Trevor H. had discussed bringing back the past members of the guild to re-launch. Also, looking to recruit members for 2016.
    • Unfortunately due to CASL, we are not able to communicate to them via e-mail. Nicole will be able to add information to the newsletter.
    • Nicole had sent personalized e-mails in the past to members of the guild.
    • Dustin suggested that the Open House be hosted at Big Viking Games - there are logistical issues with hosting at BVG
    • Also, there are logistical issues with the Market
    • Possibilities: Victoria Hospital Atrium and the London Roundhouse
  • Action: We need a one-pager on the value proposition for the London Extra Life Guild
  • Action: Need a separate meeting about the refresh event - Dustin, Jacob, Trevor H., Trevor B., Jon
  • Trevor H. to set up an Eventbrite to be able to sell "tickets" for the Open House Event once we have decided on a date


Action Items

  • Jon P. to send a note about Discord
  • Trevor B. to send a note to the guild summarizing our goals for 2016  
  • Trevor B. to send a note on sub-committees
  • Trevor H. to set up a forum post about the Guild Refresh (polls and ideas)
  • Trevor H. and Dustin to send their assets from last year to Nicole
  • Nicole will check on whether or not we have access to 2015 e-mail database
  • Nicole to send a note about the homepage of the community hub
  • Nicole to send a note to Extra Life about having London Guild Social Media Accounts
  • Daniel to speak to contact at Arkane and streamer he knows
  • Everyone must use the forums going forward - challenge to post at least once before the next meeting
  • Jacob to set up a meeting for the refresh event
  • Jacob to send a note on Facebook about posting on the forums

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I know the metrics discussion was kinda all over the place.  I did also ask Nicole if there are metrics on how we are doing this year compared to last year at this time.  Whether we are up or down in # of participants but if Nicole can get the information about $ amount, that would be interesting to compare too.   I'm kinda a stats man, I spent a few years developing custom reports for a call centre :)

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Hi everyone - I was able to find some numbers from last year in our system which provides a snapshot of where we were in July, August and September of last year. Those are the only ones that were saved unfortunately. Attached is a file that provides you with the donations and number of participants at various times throughout this three month period, and where we sit this year as of July 19th. I'll continue to populate this as we go and provide you with updates.


I'm also in the process of putting together a document that looks at participants from last year vs. those currently signed up. It appears we have many new participants (yay!) but as you will notice by the number of participants currently registered, we are waiting for many of our usual suspects to come back - including some of you! I've identified our top fundraisers from 2015 and we'll be trying to reach out to these individuals to ensure they sign up again, and also see if they might be interested in joining the Guild. As we don't have e-mails, only first and last names, I'll be relying on all of you to take a look at the names and see if you know anyone.

2015 2016 YOY.xlsx

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