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Walker Stalker Con New Jersey - July 9th and 10th

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Hey Newark Guild!

So I'm very excited to announce that the Newark Guild has a booth secured for Walker Stalker Con New Jersey at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center in Edison!  We will be there both days, July 9th and 10th!  Is anyone available to help man the booth?  We have a few people who may be available, including myself, but I've suffered a bit of an injury, so I could use some help getting equipment in and out of the con!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

-Brian Remite

Newark Guild President

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Hey everyone!
We're still VERY understaffed for this weekend's Walker Stalker Con New Jersey! We have 4 badges available, and so far we only have two people for Saturday and 1 for Sunday. We would ideally like to have at least 3 people per shift (or 4 if possible) so people can take a break to walk around. We've split the two days into shifts, PLEASE consider volunteering for a shift if you're able!

Saturday 8:30-1:00 (Brian and Anthony are working this shift)
Saturday 1:00-6:30 (Brian and Anthony are working this shift)

Sunday 9:00-1:00 (Brian is working this shift)
Sunday 1:00-5:00 (Brian is working this shift)

We really could use the help ‪#‎ForTheKids‬!

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