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So, to try and encourage some activity on the board here, I wanted to steal an idea I got from the general gaming forum, and create a nostalgia thread.


1. What game or games did you spend the most time playing as a kid?

2. What was the first game to impact you on a deeply emotional level?

Bonus: Did gaming shape you as a person?



1. What game or games did you spend the most time playing as a kid? - Let's see... I remember playing some older PC games, on Windows 95, but as above, I definitely remember Oregon Trail on a floppy disk at school as a kid. I remember having friends with NES's, and I absolutely loved playing Duck Hunt. Perhaps it was because of the actual gun you got to use, which is probably why I'm into FPS games to this day. First gaming system aside from PC we owned though was an SNES. Played Super Mario World for hours on end. Had Super Ghouls and Ghosts, but dang that game's hard. Took me breaking it back out in college to finally actually beat the game. As I got older, got a Playstation, and with it, Final Fantasy 7. That was probably the game I dropped the most hours on (Level 99, maxed stats, all the secret weapons, etc).


2. What was the first game to impact you on a deeply emotional level? I remember Super Mario World giving me that feeling of being invincible, like I could take on the world.

(Old) Spoiler Alert!

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Final Fantasy 7... when Aeris gets killed.... threw me for a loop. Up to that point, I'm not sure I'd ever played a game where a seemingly main playable character was killed off.


Bonus: Did gaming shape you as a person? Most definitely. Gave me my interest in technology, and helped inspire my creativity and wonder today. I know other gamers like myself (who enjoy RPGs) absolutely love getting lost in a good story. Much like a good book. Only it's better, because instead of reading about the characters... you ARE the characters.


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1- As a kid i spent a ton of time with Combat and Yar's Revenge for the Atari 2600 and Mega Man 2 on the NES (really showing my age here).  I missed out on a number of systems until the PlayStation.  With that i was introduced to the world of Gran Turismo and I've meet hooked ever since, i've spent more money and more time on this franchise that any other and i am anxiously awaiting GT Sport to release.  Then my first JRPG, Legend of Dragoon, this game . . . THIS GAME!  It opened my eyes to a whole new world of writing and design, i played this game 5 times and i still have it!  i cant wait to introduce it to my kids.  I suppose this answers number 2 as well.  Much later i was introduced to the world of Final Fantasy with FF10.  I binged on this game, me and my friend double teamed it, he would progress the story and i would level him up.  By the end of the game the skill trees were so intertwined every character had bits of every other characters skill tree.  I loved the Assassins Creed franchise until they left the Desmond story arch, I'm a little salty about how they ended that . . . except Black Flag, i played the hell out of that game!  Presently i am playing and loving Destiny, managing our my Clan which coincides with our ExtraLife team  (see Destiny Clans:: We are Team GG). With 3 kids and a wife competing for TV time, i don't get to experience the content drought that a lot of other gamers experience. 


2- See above


Bonus: Gran Tursimo, It taught me that you can always improve, set the bar higher.  That little tweaks can make a big difference.  It also helped spark my interest in cars, it helped educate me on other makes and models of cars and exposed me to a world of racing outside of NASCAR (which sucks) that the vast majority of Americans are sadly unaware of but are gradually becoming educated on.

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Great response, thanks Avakar!!


On that note.... Mega Man X on SNES was a huge favorite of mine, that I had completely forgotten about! And on Playstation... I also played Legend of Dragoon! Great game! Reminded me of the original playstation Final Fantasy games, with some interesting new twists. I liked the Dragoon systems, and transforming. Super great game. I should break that out and play it again now that I think about it! I also played FF10. Was HUGE into Blitzball on it! Great game as well, and loved the summon animations (ANIMA!).

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