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So I'm very late on the Sony Mega-Thread, I was out last night and couldn't catch the conference live.  If anyone wants to post about it, please feel free, but I'll sum up the announcements as I watch them this morning.  


Introduction: So I'm all about showmanship, but the full orchestra and chorus was possibly a little over the top.  Cool, but over the top.  However, the live orchestra continuing on throughout the performance was a nice touch. I didn't even realize it was a thing until most of the way through the God of War trailer.


God of War (4?) - Way to start big!  The reveal of Kratos, the crowd erupting, everything about this reveal was what I love about E3. Also, this looks like a major shift for the franchise, Far Cry meets God of War meets Uncharted?  Either way, super psyched for this!  Glad they are going in what seems to be both a very different and yet familiar route post original trilogy, a lot of games could learn from this!


 Days Gone - Somewhat cryptic, but looks like a zombie/outbreak game, based around motorcycling with an ex-biker gang leader.  Guess we'll see more soon, hopefully.


The Last Guardian - Finally, something more about this game! The art style I'm sure looked great at the event, but didn't transfer well on my terrible monitor. Doesn't matter, though, we finally have a date, October 25th!  Shocked that we'll be seeing it this year, and I'll believe it more when I see it.


Horizon Zero Dawn- New IP up next, with a gameplay demo.  Machines are the dominant species now, with humans seeming to be living in a unique hybrid of technologically advanced and still primitive fashion.  Very Far Cry-esque in the overworld and loot gathering sense. Also, great to see a strong female hero at the center of this game! Cool rangling mechanic reminiscent of Red Dead. Boss fights seem difficult and require both skill and strategy. I'm sold on this!  


Detroit Become Human - Interesting android game, something based on Bladerunner? The dialogue is unfortunately bad. Crime scene investigation, various outcomes based on your decision making, this is a futuristic L.A. Noire, but again, unfortunate dialogue.


PS VR - Resident Evil 7 - January 24, 2017 - This is what I expected will be the biggest showing for Sony, especially as they won't showcase the Neo. Of course this VR demo has to be set in a completely dark house with your line of sight acting as a flashlight.  I really want VR to take off, but I hope it isn't over-saturated with horror games!  After some wandering in a creepy house, this video took a very sudden shift into a bizarre trailer.  WAIT, this is Resident Evil Game?!  Ok, looked interesting, I got more of a Silent Hill feel to it, so I guess we'll see. Apparently there will be a demo soon. Also the entire game can be played on VR.


Playstation VR - October 13th - $399 - with 50 games supported by the end of the year.  (all games below are VR games)


Farpoint Planetary Exploration Game, with an action component


Star Wars Battlefront - X-wing VR flying missions will be added.


Batman Arham VR - Video trailer with a monologue by the Joker, but no gameplay shown, just coming October 2016. #Wearthecowl (End VR)


Final Fantasy XV - Nothing really new showcased about this game, but there were some good shots of the summons, and the music was done by Afrojack. Oh wait, there's a VR component...ok, whatever makes Sony happy.  Please, no matter what you do Sony, just don't overkill with the VR, I don't need a VR experience in every single game I play!


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - First person space shooter, big mechs, bigger ships, free flight, you've got my attention!  No word yet if this is VR, but if it is, I expect this will make a lot of people dizzy! I dream of space flight VR games, but the quick movements and lack of perspective, that's going to be rough for a lot of gamers.  Awesome, seamless jump from space flight to FPS! The main character seems extremely bullet spongey, definite throwback to old school FPS in that sense. Ok Sony, you got me, I had no idea this was Infinite Warfare until the title reveal.  Look, it might be solid, it looks like it could be a lot of fun, but take the damn CoD name off of it. You've strayed so far with this series, you should just start fresh and make a new game simply called Warfare, with Modern Warfare, Advanced Warfare, and now Infinite Warfare, maybe then I would take it more seriously. Moving onward, though, got to see some video of Modern Warfare Remastered, which looks good. I do wish I could play this game on its own without Infinite Warfare.


Crash Bandicoot - Remastered versions of Crash, Crash 2 and Crash Warped for PS4, and Crash will appear in Skylanders in October.  Not a skylanders fan, so moving on...


Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Available Now - Cool, I guess this should've been expected sooner, as opposed to waiting until the trilogy was over. The best part of this game is that the voice actors are original, props on that!  Also, available now is good.


For all of the people Microsoft brought out, Sony brings out Hideo fucking Kojima ...well done. Glad to see that you aren't just bringing people out for the sake of it. And now a new game from Kojima with Norman Reedus and a baby...it isn't the Silent Hill everyone got excited about, but awesome to see the IP is still living.


Death Stranding - So this trailer is not Silent Hill trippy, but a naked Norman Reedus with a baby that disappears, stranded on an island with a lot of dead fish and five people just floating in the sky...yep, no typos there.


Spider-man! made by Insomniac Games!!! - Love the re-imagined suit, glad this is set in a world where Spidey is well developed and aware of his powers, hopefully no origin story. Great trailer. Can't figure out the voice actor, though, sadly. 


Days Gone (again) - Now we get to see gameplay of the new IP that practically opened the show.  Motorcycle riding will definitely be crucial in fast travel.  In this demo we see again that the demo players are off in the wings as opposed to on-stage, I like that Sony is keeping the focus on the screen and not the people in front of it.  Oh, crafting seems big, pistol with a car part attached to it...also, wtf was that?  Ok, typical zombies...but damn the swarming effects, it's like World War Z. a never-ending flow of zombies! I know it's a gameplay trailer, so our hero can't die, but the swarm is really making this tense! It's fast, it's never-ending, and there are a lot of narrow escapes, this is everything that is horrifying about the legit zombie apocalypse. Very cool IP.


That concludes the showcase, which definitely was different from Microsoft.  I won't say one was better than the other, I just feel that Microsoft put their emphasis on the system features and upcoming system releases, while Sony banked on all of the upcoming games. Depending on what you want from E3, you'll probably feel one "won" but either way both showcases gave me something to look forward to. Some of what we saw will also be available for Xbox One, so in that regard Sony did some of the work for Microsoft, and I'd presume that a lot of what Microsoft shared with Project Scorpio is a reflection of the Neo, and what we can expect in that system. The biggest defining point is that this was a very different and more streamlined presentation, and I appreciate that a bit more than Microsoft's traditional approach, which was clunky and hard to watch at times.  


Either way, if you've read this far, what are your thoughts about the Sony E3 Presenation? 

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