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In taking a note from Reddit, I'm going to create some Mega-threads for people who want to discuss E3 and the various press conferences that will be taking place over the new few days. I hope this is a bit easier than everyone posting about the individual games we all see and get hyped about.  I wish I could be live-tweeting or sharing this with you all in another fashion, but I think watching the stream at my desk (and all the other streams tomorrow) is dodgy enough.    

Update: Screw it, I'm adding notes from the stream.

- New Xbox One S - Smaller, HDR, 4k Output, New Controller, up to 2TB Hard-Drive, no date as far as I saw.


- Xbox One Play Anywhere - Play games on Xbox One and Windows 10, achievements and saves will transfer across platform, cross-play supported.


- Gears 4 - Play Anywhere supported, Horde Mode 3.0 announced, Game Demo (Personal Opinion - as someone who hasn't played much Gears, the demo looks really lame.. I'm not talking about the gameplay, which I'm sure is fun to play, I'm just talking about the fact that this was likely the tutorial level, and the dialogue and such was just super cliche and uninspired. Then again, I have no idea if that's how Gears rolls.)  No surprise, Gears inspired controller announced as well, drops October 11th.


- Killer Instinct - New exclusive character to Killer Instinct, General Raam. 


- Next up, Video Preview, beautiful backdrops, amazing landscapes, super realistic imagery...oh, damn, it's a Forza game...Forza Horizon 3 looks absolutely gorgeous!  Gameplay demo followed, two on PC, two on Xbox One, all driving different types of cars.  September 27 


- Recore - I've heard about this game, but cool to see what it is.  Looks like a new puzzle platformer with robots, kind of like a Pikmin system in that they all work in different ways.


Final Fantasy XV - Missed a lot of the introduction because people at work keep coming in, but looks like a simple gameplay demo.  Not the best showcase of the game, but just glad to see a standard FF game.  Drops September 30th.


- The Division Underground - June 28th (30 day exclusivity) - Just a video showcase, nothing more


Battlefield 1 - October 21st - Xbox One and EA Access members can get early access October 13th - followed by new trailer, some gameplay was embedded and it looks pretty!


Xbox Live Update - Background Music (finally...), Language Region Independence, and Cortana on Xbox One.  Three new updates.  1.) Clubs will be a new thing on Xbox Live, ways to create groups for your friends and that can be open points for people to connect.  2.) Looking for Groups on Xbox Live - means to put a call out for people to play with.  3.) Arena on Xbox Live - Built in tournament platform through Live, seems like it will range from casual to professional. EA is signed on to host tournaments.


- Minecraft - cross platform functionality introduced for all mobile devices, including android, ios, and windows 10.  Stream started lagging out, so can't get much from this one.  Realms, sounds like individual servers will be a thing?  Sorry, idk. So much lag, and sadly I'm not a minecraft guy.  This was a really really bad part of the stream, overly rehearsed and super lame jokes.  Also, minecraft has VR functionality.  All of this is available now, and a texture pack is now available for the mobile devices.  Add-ons coming this fall. Again, this was really painful to watch, lag, horrible jokes, terrible delivery, just the sheer awkwardness of it all...yeah, please move on!


- Commercial Break! - Make your own controller...welp, gotta make money somehow. No idea of the cost, but now you can go and customize your own Xbox One controller with color and text.


- Inside - June 29th - really cryptic trailer for the new game from the creator of Limbo, and then no further explanation, just that it's amazing and it comes out later this month. Limbo is free on Xbox One starting today. 


- ID@Xbox - Showcase of games in development from Independent Developers currently on Xbox One, similar to games in Alpha or Beta on Steam. Briefly featured were The Culling, Stardew Valley, Everspace, and more.  ARK will be Play Anywhere compatible.  


- We Happy Few, another ID game, was showcased for early release next month. It's tough to describe, but go check it out, it's got the same aesthetic as Bioshock and feautres a storyline where people take Joy in pill form and everyone in this world wear masks.  So bizarre, but holy hell this looks absolutely amazing! Highlight of the press conference!


- GWENT - Stand Alone Game - cross platform, with a single player campaign.  New mechanics and completely overhauled visually. Playgwent.com to register for the Beta, coming September.


- Tekken 7 - Cinematic trailer of Akuma and ??? that led right into gameplay trailer, apparently that's how the game will play, seamless transition from cinematic to fight. Available early 2017.  Not a fighting game fan, so not sure who else was in the trailer.  Either way, Tekken Tag 2 will be free for Gold members as well this week.


Dead Rising 4 - Looks like more of what we saw in Dead Rising 3, no other way to explain it. Cool weapons, including a Triceratops flamethrower helmet.  Releasing Holiday 2016.


Scalebound - Co-op was the main feature. up to 4 players all with their own dragons and a gameplay feature to showcase it. While it was a co-op feature, this seemed like a very independent experience, more in the idea that you play with other people around you instead of there being a very big teamwork focus.  Also, not available until 2017.


- Sea of Thieves - Cinematic trailer, graphics gave me a very Secrets of Monkey Island feel.  Developed by Rare.  Gameplay feature - pre-recorded from a testing group that had many different crews. Major co-op element here as you can't sail without a crew, particularly because the person steering can't see in front of them as the sail is in the way. Open world action, crews are free to interact as they please with other people int he world.  Could be amazingly fun with a dedicated group of people.


- State of Decay 2 - Tagline "Nobody Survives Alone" - Coming in 2017, major co-op zombie survival game. Focuses on realistic ideas of setting up camp and not being alone.


- Halo Wars 2 - Holy shit, holy shit, holy sh...oh, it's just Halo Wars...Ok, still cool, but the trailer showcases a lot of the theoretical stuff I'll watch happening, but damnit if I don't want to be in the middle of it.  Week long beta is launched today through June 20th, and the game will release sometime?  No mention of release as far as I heard.  Damn, this is a long conference...I'm sure they're wrapping up, just waiting for the "One more thing..." moment.


Final thoughts, cool stuff announced, but Microsoft seemed to double-down on the features and new slim system more than the titles. There were some big things kind of announced, but it wasn't anything show-stopping...oh wait, I started to write this during the closing monologue.  


- Project Scorpio- And the newest system was announced, called Project Scorpio at the moment. This is different than the Xbox One S, and it's completely backwards compatible. Not sure if this a completely new system or just a revamped Xbox One, but I also guess that depends on your definition of the idea. As it will still utilize all the same games and controllers, I guess this is just another version of the Xbox One, just supercharged, but it might be similar to the new Nintendo 3DS, there might be exclusives for Scorpio that won't work with the One or One S. Coming in Holiday of 2017 as well, so start saving up.  The early announcement was explained so that developers as well can being to play for the Scorpio. I guess that's a pretty big Mic-drop, especially as Sony doesn't have the 4.5 to showcase.


Cool, so continuing with my wrap-up, the One more thing moment was pretty huge. I think that further reinforces what I said earlier, a showcase for features and systems, but kinda lacking in the game content. Still, some really cool stuff to look forward too.


Showcase sidenote, the audience gets a real immersive experience, there's dynamic floor lighting and smoke effects. Particularly I noticed during Sea of Thieves as the floor was lit to be swirling waves.

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