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LEGO Brickfest Live 10/8-9 (Meadowlands)

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Hey Jersey.. 

Have you guys seen that Brickfest Live is coming to te Meadowlands in Oct?

These tend to be fun little cons with a gaming section. :)

Brickfest Site

Chris and Chad have been very willing to work with Extra Life at their events. 

info@brickfestlive.com is their email.

You guys shoudl reach out to them. 



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We saw that, unfortunately they planned that very poorly as it's the same weekend as New York Comic Con, which we've participated in the last two years and done very well with.  I'd love to do both, but we just don't have the available resources and manpower to pull that off. :(


Guild President

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So we just got a last minute confirmation, we ARE attending BrickFest Live this year!  Unfortunately, NYCC fell through for us (through no fault of our own), and we'll be available to get a booth at BFL!  We could really use some volunteers!


Hours would be Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 9-5. We really need someone for the morning shift Saturday (9-1:30) if at all possible!


Information on BFL can be found here:https://www.showclix.com/event/lego-brick-fest-live-NJ-2016


Hope to see you there! #FTK!

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