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Here are the meeting notes from Tuesday’s monthly meeting.


  • Andrew, Keri, Jimmy, Marcus, Sam (@SpectreSam), me (and a brief appearance from Elijah!)

Fundraising/Recruitment Update

  • $44,300 for Duke Children’s so far (majority from YouTubers) towards $110K goal!

  • Guild: $766 towards $15K goal!

  • Total Signups for 2016 – 182 of 751 goal

    • Currently ranked 13th of 150 guilds for signups (and only 22 behind # 10 St. Louis!)

Recent Events Summary

  • Boxcar “Drink for a Cause” Night – (Andrew, Marcus, Jimmy, Jason) – Street Fighter Tournament

    • Boxcar donated 15% to Extra Life (~$500!!)

  • GOUGE Wrestling

  • Microsoft Tournament between stores (Marcus attended)

    • Apparently there was way more demand for participation then MS was prepared for…

  • Greensboro Smash Tournament – (Marcus, Jimmy, Justin) - 15 Signups

  • Boxcar Smash Tournament – May 11th – A few people helped out with this event.
  • 31 New Signups total since last month’s meeting!

Hospital Update

  • The development office had a recent guest speaker named Dr. Mike Kastan.  He is involved with all things cancer research at Duke.

    • He explained a new research initiative where dogs who have already been diagnosed with cancer and whose owners are looking for treatment options can be enrolled in clinical trials.

    • Dogs provide better results than lab mice, live in a similar environment to humans (versus a cage for mice), and are already diagnosed.  Cancer is a disease that becomes more prominent the older we get, and more than five million dogs are diagnosed each year (and about one million receive some type of treatment).  Some breeds are even susceptible to specific forms of cancer.

    • Dr. Kastan also noted that while it can take up to 10 years to validate new medications using lab mice, the dog research can improve that time table to closer to one year!

  • There was a recent event at the hospital where a group of cosplayers hosted by Ultimate Comics and NC ComicCon visited the kids.  The NC SpiderMan also made an appearance.

Future Events

  • Boxcar- Extra Life is now an official partner!

    • “Drink for a Cause” Nights – We will be involved with these every other month.

    • Monthly Tournaments – We will be hosted one each month.  Plan is to do a Mortal Kombat tournament late this month or early July.  Rocket League was also discussed as a possibility!

  • June 12th – Downtown Cary Food & Flea Market – Looking into this as a possibility.

  • June 13th – Sony E3 Experience at Brier Creek Cinemas – No luck here due to corporate rules.

  • July 30th – Hearthstone Fireside Gathering @ Atomic Empire – Official upcoming event (huge thanks to Justin (@I-ninja) and Pete (@NC_Villan) for setting this up!!!)
  • First Friday - Looking into having a tent again in July.



That’s it guys and girls!  As always feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns!!



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