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My 24 Hour Stream- July 2nd!

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Hey there fellow Extra Lifers! Looking for anyone who wants to watch and/or support my first 24 hour stream supporting Extra Life. Myself and a few of my supportive friends will be attempting to raise $250 for Cohen Children's Medical Center!

Every person who makes a donation chooses the next game we play, no matter the amount donated! Every penny helps and is appreciated!

The stream will be on July 2nd, 2016 starting at noon EST and ending the following day at noon. We also have a selection of 26 games to play. The channel is located at twitch.tv/EpicLakitu_Twitch, and my fundraising page is located at Extra-Life.org/participant/EpicLakitu.

I hope you'll consider watching, and I thank you for reading this.

-Brian Quinn (EpicLakitu)

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