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June Meeting

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls! Gather round to hear about this fine upcoming meeting!


It will be Thursday, June 2nd at 7pm... Yes this time I made sure that is the correct date. It's going to be at Children's Hospital and Medical Center here in Omaha. The address is 8200 Dodge St. We are going to be in Glow A. We will be parking in the Vistor's ramp, the entrance faces Methodist Hospital, go to the third floor and follow the directions to the Glow Auditorium and Glow A will be right next door. I've attached a map for everyone to take a look at incase there is any questions.


We're going to be going over a few things this month, including looking at designs for the logo and t-shirts! If you have a logo and or t-shirt design you would like to submit, please either email them to me at apileg053@gmail.com, if that doesn't work reach out to me and we'll find a way for you to get it to me so we can show it off at the meeting. We are also going to discuss upcoming recruiting opportunities and such like always.


As always meeting notes will be posted here after the meeting for those that can't attend. And of course any questions feel free to talk to me or @ChrisHayes or @LIquid-


Can't wait to see everyone!

Map to Glow A at Children's.pdf

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