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Hey everyone It's me Brandon. The last guy to come to the meeting today :D


I wasnt able to talk to everyone but I think a great way to start is by real time communication. So I've stumbled upon a few apps and programs that made my life a little easier.


Discord(App): Is a VOIP that is similar to Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble etc. The client is Cloud based lightweight and available on mobile.


  • Download Discord here (PC) (Mobile)


After getting discord: You can either use your browser or if you downloaded it you can click here or below for the:




Also here is a google doc for you to add your information for Stream

   Extra Life Streamer Info ( Add to list if you are a cool strimmer )




That's all I have until i get posts on what more you would want me to add.


- Sham (Brandon)

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