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Toronto Guild Logo Contest

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Hi Ya'll,


As discussed in our first meeting, we are going to open up the design of the Toronto Guild logo to all members.

We'll collect all submissions over the next 2 weeks and Monday May 30th we'll do a poll to determine which logo everyone likes best!  
Winner gets bragging rights :)


Ideally the format should be submitted as a vector .eps or .ai file, but if you would like to submit a sketch of an idea, that's welcome too.


Here are some Extra Life guidelines that you'll need to follow:

  • All colors and fonts used in the logo are the same as found in the brand guidelines. Please do not use other colors or fonts. A copy is included in this zip file. 
  • Use your approved Guild City Name only. Please avoid abbreviations, alternate names, or other titles. 
  • Aside from minor adjustments for the purpose of alignment; please do not reposition any of the items in the template. 
  • Please do not remove or resize any of the primary elements in the template including the Extra life logo, “Official Guild” and “Be a Hero for the Kids” 
  • Please use only the dark blue color for your customized area. This helps lend a consistent look and feel across all logos. 
  • Do not use any trademarked, copyright protected or other intellectual property when customizing your Guild’s Logo. Video Game characters for example should not be used. They are protected by copyright and require specific written permission to use. 
  • Please do not use your hospital’s logo inside the Guild Logo. Most hospitals have very clear guidelines on how their logos and brands may be used. Please check with your Hospital program director. They may be able to cobrand a shirt for you by placing their logo elsewhere on the garment. 
  • See the Seattle Guild logo below as an example. 


The logo files can be downloaded here:



Please email your designs to by Sunday, May 29th.

If you have any issues opening the files, please post a comment or send us an email.


Looking forward to seeing what people create:)





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