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Welcome to the Chicago Extra Life Guild!

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Welcome to the Extra Life Chicago Guild!

Thank you so much for showing your support for Extra Life by joining the Chicago Guild! We're here to help you connect with other Extra Lifers and recruit throughout Chicago and Illinois! If Chicago's a bit too far for you, no worries! Our friends down in Springfield, IL also have a guild! You can check them out here.

Be sure to check the forums often and join our social media pages so you can stay up to date on guild meetings, announcements, and upcoming events!

Please feel free to introduce yourself:
Gamertag/s: (If you're okay gaming with other Extra Lifers, feel free to share your psn/bnet/gt/etc)
Why do you Extra Life?:



Lurie Children's Hospital Rep: Kevin Braden
President: Dave Hansen
Vice President: Emily Krukal
Secretary: Joey Barranco
If you need to contact any of us, please e-mail: chicagoextralife@gmail.com

Social Media:

Twitter | Facebook Group | Facebook Chicago Guild

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Hey Chicago. Good job last year! May our continued rivalry be fruitful.

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Thanks, @Sgoast, great job to our northern neighbors as well! Can't wait to see what we can all do this year!

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Hello Everyone  im a new Extra Lifer unfortunately Chicago ( depending on where you guys meet) is a bit away from me and  spring field is even further. i'm from the western suburbs. just wanted to say hi. 

oh my name is Gerardo btw.

I have a youtube channel as well its youtube.com/c/gequalsmas

I Extra Life because  I want to help give kids a second chance.

PSN: HxCEmoKid

Steam: gerardomphoto1

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Heya @Gequalsmas Welcome to the family! :D Trust me, I understand how far out Chicago can be. I'm in the NW burbs near Volo! So if you're near me, I do try to organize some events out for northern Lake County/McHenry. I know, as a guild, we're trying to move meetings around to include people from all over. I believe our other leaders are from the south of Chicago too.


Still, there are plenty events for you to come hang out and help with! If there are any you find interesting in your area, please let us know! We're more than willing to travel if we have the man power to do so! Two weeks ago we were all the way out in Rockford!


I'll add ya on PSN!

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Hi all I'm Sara (aka Convela or Wolf).

This is my second year with Extra Life so I figured I should stop being an antisocial introvert and get to know the community more.  

I live about 2 hours from Chicago so not sure if I can attend anything.                                           

I do this because helping those in need is my passion.                   

So far I'm mostly working through YouTube but I also stream to twitch.       


   STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086277775/               


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