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Extra Life United 2017 Challenge

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Hi Everybody,


As we get into the heavier event seasons we want to let everyone know about an opportunity to win a trip to Extra Life United 2017!


The exact prize would be:

  • Flight to Extra Life United 2017
  • Entrance Fee to Extra Life United
  • Hotel Room for the Days of the Event


There will be two winners of this prize and the following conditions must be met in order to win one of the prizes:


  • The guild member who raises the most money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will receive on of the prizes.
  • The guild member who is the most improved fundraiser (% based) from last year’s Extra Life 2015 event.
    • If you did not participate or raised below $100 last year, the most improved comparison will start from $100 dollars.
      • So if you are new this year and raised $200, then you score here would be 200%.
      • Or if you raised $50 last year and raised $300 this year, then your score here would be 300%


In order to qualify you need to be an active guild member:

  • Attend a total of ten (10) Extra Life LA events (5 of which must be volunteering at events)
  • When volunteering, at least (1) 4 hour shift must be covered for it to count towards your time.

Full details are posted here:



Eligibility requirements are tracked here:



[Updated 11/20]

Guild Members who completed eligibility requirements:

  • Brent Sanchez
  • Charley Ammerman
  • Dennis Bernardo
  • Jose Cerezo
  • Kevin Martinez
  • Salvador Elizondo
  • Xavier Ortiz


Best of luck to everyone! 





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Hey all,


As mentioned in the January guild meeting the winners of the contest were: myself and Charley Ammerman. You can see the stats here to determine how the winners were chosen based on the guidelines we outlined in the original post:




However, it was confirmed with CHLA that we are able to send an additional participant. We decided to award the third spot to one of the two runner up positions for "Most Funds Raised" and "Most Improved"; Brent Sanchez and Salvador Elizondo respectively. After a coin toss, this third spot went to Salvador Elizondo. 


In addition, due to my inability to attend the event, I've relinquished my spot to Brent Sanchez.


So your Extra Life LA Guild Members attending Extra Life United this year are:

  • Charley Ammerman
  • Salvador Elizondo
  • Brent Sanchez

Please join me in congratulating them and wishing them best of luck at ELU!

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