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Hey all, sorry for the short notice post! Tonight is the first Wednesday of the month, so we will be having the monthly meeting this evening, in the same location as last month. It will be held at Children's Hospital, 2nd floor, in the Children's Theater. It will be from 7-9 ish. We will spend a portion of the meeting (maybe 20 minutes) taking a tour of the Children's Hospital, so that we can see the area/place and children we will be directly affecting and helping.


Beyond that, we will also discuss upcoming events we would like to take place in, and begin a couple of committees to help keep things running smoothly. We look forward to having as many people on site as we can!!!


May the 4th be with you!


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Important Meeting Notes


- Communitcations

> FB events (1 per month)

> @Mark provide email list

- Fun Events

* virtual meetings are fun too

> @Jonathan+Gabe working to put together online twitch team

> @Jared will head up internal facing event at hosptial


Upcoming Events:  

- [May 27-29] Flea Market Booth

> @Jared coordinating Saturday

> @Gabe coordinating Sunday

* Need T-Shirts and Gear

> Cross promote with retro gaming booth

- [June 3] Brew at the Zoo

> @Jonathan+Kristina outreach

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