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Hey everybody!

First of all, happy Star Wars day: May the fourth be with you!

Truth be told, I've only seen the first one (or I guess the third one in the sequence, from what I've been told), but it was just as iconic as everyone said it would be. I hear Luke and princess Leia are related? Gross.


Secondly, I want to make sure you all have some constant connection with the cause, whether that's visiting the hospital, knowing the stories of our Champion kiddos, or sharing some cool videogame-related hospital news. This article came out on Monday describing the exciting new ways scientists and docs are partnering to test for tuberculosis: 
It's a great read that explains the whole concept, but basically they are making the tests for tuberculosis into games and puzzles to help diagnoses and treatments. If you have a few minutes, check out the game site: 
MIND. BLOWN. :eek: #science


Third: Some of you may have already seen this floating around, but in case you haven't - Bee the Swarm is donating to Extra Life through a little friendly competition! If you're into high scores and winning donations (who isn't?!), check out the attached picture of all the details.


Fourth (we have to have 4 things on May the 4th!) - If you love all things Extra Life and would like to be a part of our Denver Guild leadership team, please email me at We have some really exciting opportunities coming up, but I want to make sure we have some strong folks at the helm of our Denver ship along with a group of motivated participants!


Fifth: Check out the last post in the Denver page (below) to learn about a cool partnership we want to set up with the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown! Seriously, that's awesome. Everyone should want to do this.


That's all I got for now - email or reply here with any additions or questions.


"Do or do not. There is no try."

DO go play games and spread the word about Extra Life. (deep, right?)





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Great article, thank you for sharing! That's really awesome.

May the fourth be with you....especially tomorrow (revenge of the fifth :P)

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