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International Tabletop Day!! (Saturday 04/30/16)

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Mythical Mountain

Amanda Marron POC



Kyle Schmisek POC

Tim Grubbs

Herchelle Llanes


Rogue Gallery

AnnaMarie POC



#1: Have fun! Game your faces off! Show ‘em we like to have fun.

#2: There is no rule 2!


Each location will have a team of awesome gamers! If you have a shirt, buttons, wristbands, etc. wear them! Each team is going to have sign up sheets and other paraphernalia to spread the word about Extra Life.

Do not continuously harass customers to join! (That’s you, Kyle)

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2 hours ago, Punkatronboss said:

Anyone else signed up for rogue on saturday?


Not as per the signup sheet from the Kickoff. 


We'll put out an all call in the Guild group. 

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