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SuperHero Day Event @MythicalMountain

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So I just met with Desiree at Mythical Mountain about Superhero Day. We have an entire room within the shop to turn into an Extra Life lounge! Free range to decorate and come dressed as any kid friendly superhero (sorry guys no DeadPool cosplay this time around). It is an all day event, (April 28th) so we can hang out at early as we would like. The target window for the kids activities would be 3pm to 7pm. Volunteers would need to be at the shop by 2pm to set up. It is imperative for us to be able to commit to being on time for this, to help maintain a great partnership with this local business. We have agreed on these activities/have the space for:


  • Marketing table

  • Face Painting/temporary tattoos Set up

  • Coloring pages station


This will help keep the kids engaged while waiting for each station to come available for their turn.


We will need confirmed volunteers for the entirety of the event, and one each broken up into the following time slots (2-5, 2-8, 5-8):



  • 2pm-5pm (Bryan is good for this time slot, needing one more please)

  • 2pm-8pm (Casper!)

  • 3pm-? (Monty Keegan)

  • 4pm-?(Nicole Zaunbrecher)

  • 5pm-8pm (Matt Blocker)


Anyone else available for any time in between is amazing and we would love to have you!

From there we can assign superheroes to each station!


Wednesday night prior, we will be setting up the decorations to make it less stressful day of. We can just show up to our stations and have fun :) 

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I took the day off, so I can be there any time. I wouldn't call a Ghostbuster a superhero, but they did save New York City twice. I can totally suit up for this.

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I have to rescind my availability. I have to finalize things with the leasing office that afternoon and I don't have PTO left to be flexible. Sorry guys! :( 

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Signs up from Tuesday:

Superhero Day is Herchelle (3pm - TBD), Nicole Zaunbrecher (4 pm to 8 pm tentative), Monty Keegan (3pm to 7 pm) and Kristen Rechenbecher (2 pm to 7 pm)

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