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Meeting began at 1:00 p.m. at Deeprun Park in Henrico. Cookout with all sorts of goodies and snacks on a blustery spring (but somehow felt like fall?) day


Members present:





















1. Welcome and introductions

2. Role of the guild

  1. We help organize volunteers to attend events in the region to sign up people to play in the Extra Life marathon. We do not recruit to specific teams (though if new participants would like to join your team, that’s okay!), and we don’t even necessarily recruit for people to play for CHoR at VCU (though obviously we’d like them to!). We want to get gamers passionate about raising money for kids. We don’t go to events to raise funds. We go to get people excited.

  2. Please let Jill, Mike, or Keith know if you have questions about how the guild functions.

3. Review of events

  1. We got 16 sign-ups at the Zelda Symphony of the Goddess. Great job!

  2. RavenCon charges 80 dollars for a vendor table, so we will not be able to attend formally this year. We’ll have many members in attendance, however, so we’ll still have a presence there. We have a 3:00 p.m. panel on Saturday to talk about Extra Life. Show up and lend us your support!

  3. In talks with WizardWorld (9/9-9/11) to have a table there.

  4. Set your 3DS to street pass with information about Extra Life when you go to a con!

  5. OmegaCon (Aug 26-28) will have an Extra Life table. There’s a 24-hour game room this year and Ben is looking for console games/donations of working consoles to stock the game room. Please let us know if you have anything you’d like to donate!

  6. Battlegrounds store game day is in the works! We’ll have a date and more details forthcoming when the information becomes available. Will likely be held late Sept/early Oct.

  7. Buffalo Wild Wings on West Broad trivia May 18. Bobby’s team is hosting a trivia night starting at 6 p.m. with kids events (Wed is normally kid’s night). Trivia will start at 8 p.m. and 15% of proceeds go to Extra Life.

  8. National Tabletop Day - April 30th! Get out there and game! (and advertise for Extra Life!) Let us know.

  9. Slide the City is coming to RVA. Let us know if you have any ideas about hosting a table there.

  10. Free Comic Book Day - First Saturday in May - let’s think of ways we can meet up with local comic book geeks!

  11. Gamestop midnight releases - Uncharted, Overwatch, Mirror’s Edge, etc this upcoming month. Great month to canvass releases!

  12. Clover Hill high school yard sale - Usually in fall (October-ish) and usually big! We should consider getting a table as a guild and selling goods to donate sales proceeds to Extra Life.


  1. Ben works for Verizon and stated his company does charitable donations and other work. Maybe we could do some sort of collaboration with them.

  2. Sign up for the forums! They’re how we communicate as a guild and as an organization!
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