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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:CD Projekt RED Announces New DLC Dedicated to Geralt's Horse

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The Witcher 3's lore rich world is about to get a whole lot richer, all for the modest price of $4.99! Most who played The Witcher 3 walked away with one character weighing on their minds: Roach. What kind of a horse was he, really? Where did he come from? How did he style his mane so perfectly? Geralt was cool and all, but what was the untold story of the beast that carried him across the Continent and beyond? 


Luckily, CD Projekt understood the deep and enduring need for more horse-related exposition and are meeting the demand of gamers around the world with Roach: The DLC. The limited edition downloadable finally makes Roach "a horse you can identify with!" according the the enthusiastic team behind the development of the DLC. Those that pre-order the DLC will receive a special Roach sticker that functions both as a sticker and as a... well, just a sticker.


"We’re always listening to gamers, and gamers are telling us they are throwing money at the screen and nothing happens. That’s why we’re extremely thrilled to be able to make something happen," said April Loofs, CD Projekt RED's senior executive officer of incremental revenue acquisition & fun.



Here is hoping that the DLC also includes some amazing horse armor!

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