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Extra Life Helper! Show real-time donation info on your stream!

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I just wanted to pop in and thank you for this!  I wanted to find a way to automate the process and this just works perfectly for me!  I'm keeping this in my wheelhouse for the future :)


(The donation "kids cheering" sound popped in when I was playing a horror game and I got confused for a moment *laugh*)

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Hey everyone!


The Helper has always been offered as a web app that you download and run locally on your computer. Since I created it six years ago, anyone who wanted to use it was required to download the zip file, extract it, and then edit the ExtraLifeHelper.html file with their information and settings preferences. This worked fine for the most part. It actually led to many Extra Lifers modifying the Helper to look different or have additional functionality which was pretty awesome.


With that said, I'm excited to say that version 3.0 of the Helper has been released and now can be used without downloading or editing files!  If you don't have a reason to modify the  source code (which applies to most Extra Lifers), adding the Helper to your OBS and XSplit scenes just got a lot easier. Simply visit this page, use the form to customize the Helper, and then copy the link. The page lets you quickly preview the Helper and test donation alerts and sound levels. 




For those who have enjoyed modifying the Helper, don't worry; It will continue to be available for download and both the local and remote versions will be kept in sync. 


Feedback and bug reports are appreciated, as always. Thanks! -bread

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On 11/3/2018 at 1:41 PM, Griffeth said:

Is there any way to control the volume of the alerts?


There is now in version 3.0 that was just released today! Thank you for the feedback. 

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