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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Comes Alongside Release Date

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When Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series took the stage at last night's Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, you could tell something cool was happening. Sakaguchi left Square Enix years ago to found a new RPG developer called Mistwalker Corporation, but apparently good friendships remained between the creator of one of the most iconic RPG franchises and those who manage that series at Square Enix. The series creator praised Final Fantasy XV as a return to the series heart, perhaps a subtle jab at some of Square Enix's missteps in the past while simultaneously hyping the newest entry. 


Following Sakaguchi's appearance, they played the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XV. It really is something. It comes on strong with high fantasy-tech action, some light story exposition, and then rolls into the song "Stand By Me" as performed by Florence + the Machine while friends hang out and fight monsters. That might sound strange, but after getting over the shock of hearing Florence + the Machine in a Final Fantasy trailer somehow I think it works. There are some serious indications that this rendition of "Stand By Me" will be a recurring theme of Final Fantasy XV, like the prominent use of the song in this trailer as well as the song getting its own announcement trailer



The trailer also reveals the release date of Final Fantasy XV: September 30. We will be seeing the next core entry in the Final Fantasy series in just seven months. Final Fantasy XV will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

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