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Extra Life Guild Kick Off Meeting 3/30/2016

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Tracy Loosemore, Project Manager for Children's Health Foundation

  • Kicked off the event to talk about the increase in participants and activity in 2015.
  • CHF raises money for several different programs and research program and the money remains in London. The money would fund things like Ollie the Clown, Bravery Beads (beads to delineate different treatments), Art Supplies, Music Therapy and Child Life Specialists (employees of the hospital that can move around with the child).
  • CHF belongs to Children's Miracle Network. 170 members in North America. CMN has started Extra Life and also has identified guilds.
  • Our London and Area guild covers a large area from Windsor to KW and also Thunder Bay.
  • Our new contact is Catherine Ireland, Community Relations Associate for the 2016 Extra Life season


Mike Kinney, Director of Extra Life (Screen Name: Leaveit2Beaver) & Laurie Wenzel, Manager of Programs in Canada

  • Fourth year of the Guild Program, second year of the London Guild
  • What is a Guild? A physical chapter of the Extra Life movement. They meet monthly to plan recruitment, attend conventions and hosting socials.
  • What do Guild really do? Talk to people about Extra Life, get them to sign up and have fun (have fun and heal kids)!
  • Structure:
    • President
    • VP
    • Secretary
    • Entertainment Committee
    • Extra Life National Team
  • Now over 70 guilds with Toronto launching tomorrow (Welcome Toronto!)
  • Guild Mission: Strengthen Extra Life within your community by attending local events and recruiting new Extra Lifers
  • The Facts: 
    • Each Extra Lifer you recruit means $100 FTK
    • The average donation at events is only $10
    • We attend events - we do not create them
    • Goals drive results
    • A full registration is always best
    • 30% of people hear about Extra Life from friends and flyers are among the least effective methods of marketing the event
    • Action: There is now a Extra Life Recruitment App on iOS and Android. Download the App!
  • Extra Life United 2017 dates to be announced shortly


Trevor Brimson, Guild President

  • Shared Comic-Con success
  • We want to play to the Guild Member's strengths this year - will structure the guild around strengths (recruitment, game day and company outreach)
  • Monthly meetings will begin again at the Children's Health Foundation offices (Tenative: Wednesday Evenings at 7pm)
  • Bench to Bedside Tours are invaluable
  • Discussed Market Event - Big Blue Bubble and Virgin Radio were present in 2015 but bathrooms proved to be an issue.
  • Good relationship with Rogers Media and Bell Media (main)
  • Trevor introduced Zoey, his daughter. She got RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) when she was younger and spent a lot of time at the London Hospital. Anytime she gets a cold, she ends up at the hospital for a week on oxygen. Trevor said he sees firsthand the impact with Treehouse on TV, toys to play with... "the difference between a kid's hospital and a normal hospital would be level of care given to kids." You really see the impact when you use the services which Extra Life helps to support.


Round Table for Ideas:

  • Need for an open house day
  • Have the need for one place in the community for gaming (or several)
  • Movie premieres for movies that fit with the Extra Life demographic (Suicide Squad, Captain America)
  • Mike Kinney suggested going to 2-3 events per month. Think about different events like Mom and Pop game stores, living room with an Xbox for a home show, quilting shows, etc.
  • Outreach to Cardboard Cafe
  • Action: Think about Doors Open London October 1-2, 2016
  • Free Comic Day (May 7)... Heroes, LA Mood and Neo Tokyo
  • Children's Health Foundation can provide documentations in order to solicit sponsorships
  • Action: Trevor to send an e-mail to the guild about the first meeting
  • Angela brought up the need for the ability to taker cash donations... working on mechanism for these type of donations
  • Atrium Event at the Hospital was discussed for 2016.



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