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Guild Meeting Notes 2016

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This is where I'll post the meeting notes for each of our meetings in 2016.  I created one post so that it's easy to look back on what we talked about if there is any questions.  New Post every year. Please do not post here! Create a a new post :)

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On April 4, 2016 at 0:44 PM, Apocalypse448 said:

Is there a place in the forum I can post questions or ideas to be mentioned at the meeting in my absence?


Sorry Thaine for muddling up this thread. I don't want to speak for Thaine who has taken on the role of forum liaison in that he would reply to a question like this, but I think we will create a thread for meetings. We are all kind of learning as we go so we will find a way that fits best for our guild. You can also feel free to reach out to Chris, Thaine or myself and we will answer questions too.

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June 2nd Meeting Notes






Tony – President


Chris – VP


Thaine – Secretary


Angela Conner


Dre Paulson


Chris Henggeler


Matt Mccuen


Emily Alvino



Meeting Points:





Logo and Tshirts submissions are closing Saturday, and voting for the winner will start that day also.  One of the officers will be posting a survey monkey link for you to vote with.  Then a week from Saturday we’ll announce winner. 



Volunteer Opportunity



Tune in for kids – This isn’t strictly Extra Life, but we might get a plug.  WowT and KAT 103 will be partnering with Children’s for a 3 day phone a thon.  Wow T casters will talk about the hospital, and there will be children and families that will talk about their experiences. Currently there is a need for more people to work the phone bank taking donations.  There will be 14 people on each shift.  Days:



August 25th: 6am – 7pm



August 26th: 6am – 6pm



August 27th: 9am – 3pm



If you are interested or want more information, email Alyssa at adefrain@childrensomaha.org





Recruiting Opportunities


This is just a general list of the ones we talked about, we’ll make posts for volunteering opportunities when we get ahold of them and set them up.


O Comic Con, we’ll be there July 8-10


Portal June 18th


 July 23rd/24th  Ralston for tournaments


Storm chasers – email has been sent about getting tickets for recruiting – Possible


                Or video game day


Wizarding event on the 11th – need people


Swim trials?


Flyers for British fest – Angela will drop them off


25th of June - nukecon


Where can we go or events – all of Nebraska except Norfolk –


Chris looks at air show stuff to see if we can get passes


August 13th – beer and bacon, slide the city


Ribstock July 2nd


Pooloza July 3rd


Can take over wowt’s farmer’s market booth whenever we want, which occurs from 8am – 12pm Sundays.  Aksarben area.


Check on doing things with children’s museum


Cool aide days in Hastings – august 12-14th




Other Points


We have tablets to get information, so you won’t have to rely on your phone as much anymore!


Need more people to help! If you can recruit people to join our group to be recruiters that would be awesome!                                                                     


Next Meeting!


Thursday July 7th – Dave n Busters - 2502 S 133rd Plaza #111, Omaha, NE 68144 at 7PM.  We’ll stay afterwards to play some Games and socialize!


If you have a question or comment about this months meeting, please post it here:http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/4609-june-meeting-discussion/



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Great meeting!  Helpful notes!  Thanks to all of our Guild friends.  We appreciate your time and involvement in growing our local Extra Life program and helping kids and families served by Children's.  You're the best!

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July 7th




Lionel + son (LJ)
Chris Henggeler
Chris Hayes
Tony P
Thaine R


Meeting Notes


A.) Channel 6, WoWT is our new media partner. Matt thompson is the main guy there, and he can broadcast events and stuff for us.  We can get help with National playday, advertisements, and other things.  Can still send out media releases through other people.

B.) Fit for extra life - Fitness challenge. We will be working with Nebraska Gamers to throw an awesome fitness challenge.  We will be tracking weight loss, calories burned, time spent exercising. Winnner will get Xbox elite controller, then Hy-Vee gift cards (or something along those lines) for second and third place. Can do anything to work out, as long as you are working out.

Have to be Omaha Extra Life Guild members.  Fit For Extra Life will start Monday July 11th.  Will go until October 29th, 2016. Winners announced at October 3rd Guild meeting. Details are Here

C.) Shirt and logo update: Trying to get logos finalized, and then we'll get it approved, then put on shirt for those to get printed.  Free for guild members.

D.) O Comic Con - Thanks for volunteering!

E.) July 31st for stormchasers.  Have to be there by 3. It's family fun day. Sign up on post on forums: Sign Up Here!

F.) Upcoming events: Sept 3rd-4th 2 day LAN event 10am to 7pm the 4th, October 8th Lincoln event all day



Next Meeting:  August 4th at 7, Sinful Burger, http://sinfulburger.com/


Please post any comments or questions here!


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September 1st Meeting


Tony - President

Chris - VP

Thaine - Secretary

Dre Paulsen

Chris Henggeler

Floyd Pretz (PretzCon)

Geoff Berman (PretzCon)

Jason Rumbaugh

Siddi DeSoyer



A.)Welcome/New Member

a.     Tune in 4 Kids raised 305k for childrens hospital. Pretty awesome!

b.     WOWT Streams – weekly noon to 2 or so.

                         i.      If you want to be on stream message Tony Pileggi (President), and he can work with you for that.

c.      Geoff and Floyd from PretzCon joined us

B.) Logo Update – Approved and on all the pages now! 

C.) Shirts 

a.     The final design is linked, for your viewing pleasure!  Design – Thanks to Chris Henggeler for the design!

b.     Names – We’ll be doing your name or gamer tag on the back of the shirt!

c.      If you weren’t at the meeting, post in the September discussion board (linked below), or send Tony/Chris/Thaine a message with Size and the name/gamer tag you want on the back!

d.     Big Ink

D.) NukeCon - http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/5207-nuke-con-recruiting-sept-30th-to-oct-2nd-2016/

a.     Volunteers – Need some peoples!

                                                             i.      You’ll have power and internet

                                                           ii.      nd – Oct 2thSept 30

                                                        iii.      Pretzcon will be there also and is volunteering bodies

b.     3 hour blocks, from 9pm to 11ish.  Times – Follow the link above to volunteer!

E.) NebrasKon (Anima Nebraska) 

a.     Interest in volunteering

b.     , same day as national playday, but could get table if people want to volunteer.th, 6th, 5thNov 4

c.      More information (and a recruiting post) will come a little closer to the date.

F.)  Gameday with PretzCon 

a.     Working out details, check forums for final details (when we get them hashed out.)

b.     Keep an eye on the forums, we’ll post tons of stuff once we figure it out.  Playing board games.  Not recruiting, but just meeting patients and doctors and just branching out.

G.) Chris Hayes’ Extra Life Event

a.     .thNovember 12

b.     Possibly have a venue

c.      Overwatch, lol, giant jenga, maybe smash,

d.     Redbull will be there

e.      Possibly pepsi

f.       Pretzcon will do a tabletop area

H.)National Play Day

a.     Post to the forums what you’re doing and your streams and stuff: http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/5210-national-play-day-events/

I.)    Comments, concerns, possible events

a.     Can we do something for National Play Day at the hospital?

b.     Pokemon go event Sunday – heartland of America park to turner park, then back to heartland

                                                             i.      Have water and snacks

                                                           ii.      3 8000mah powerblocks to give away!

c.      Fit for extra life –

                                                             i.      Message Tony, Chris, Thaine, or post on the forums at: http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/4876-fit-for-extra-life-extra-life-and-nebraska-gamers-unite/ Need updates from everyone (calories burned, time spend, weight loss).

                                                           ii.      Xbox elite controller and hyvee gift cards up for grabs, 150 gift card to game stop if you don’t want controller

d.     Need participants for the guild to participate

                                                             i.      Come back next month with an idea of how we can get more people involved in the Guild.

e.      In talks with people at Offut Air Force Base to get things more active there.

f.       (Thanks Jason!)  Not guild related, but pretty cool.  Tagg – free app. You can get some of your money spent at random places donated to Childrens’ Hospital.

Next Meeting: DoSpace – Metro hosting at DoSpace – 7pm October 7th, 2016

Any Comments/Questions/Suggestions can be posted:



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Guild Meeting Notes for October 2016




Tony - President

Thaine - Secretary

Angela Conner

Chris Henggeler

Joe Morris

Marcus Ross




We had a new member, Marcus, who is from Spielbound. Spielbound is hosting their National Play Day starting November 4th!


We're having a PlayDay with Childrens' Hospital and PretzCon on October 13th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. This isn't a recruiting event, but you will get to play games with the children we are sponsoring. We encourage everyone to join, and it will be in the lobby (unless we hear otherwise.) There will be tons of board games and fun!


Update on our recruiting.  We are double what we were from last year at this point! Great job!


We also just wrapped up NukeCon. They want us to be more involved, so we should all think of things we can do. We talked about doing some games at the table, or possibly getting an Extra Life room where we have tons of games and involvement. What do you think would be awesome?


We also talked about improving the booth. Right now we are kind of bare bones, what could we do to be better, more interactive, and further engage people? We talked about having a game system of some sort, and then having an awesome Extra Life logo controller holder for the system. Maybe have a plug n play game system (new mini Nintendo or Mini Sega). Maybe someone could 3d print something awesome for the table? We want your suggestions!


Where do you want to meet in the future? Would you be okay with potluck? Restaurants? Reservations only? Let us know your preferred venue!


We were also talking about promoting stream day. Radio? Web? What can we do? What other ideas do we have?


Were now 30 days away from playday! We will post as many Guild activities as we can! So you will be featured! Please post all your shenanigans here:


Please post any comments/suggestions/anything here:


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