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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:The Banner Saga 2 Releases Next Month

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Stoic Games has announced that The Banner Saga 2 will be coming to PC in April. The turn-based strategy title continues the tale told in the previous game of refugees fleeing from the apocalypse and the armies it has displaced. Players should expect to make hard choices that will determine the future survival of the people under their command. Following the catastrophe at the end of the first game, there should be plenty of turmoil in which difficult decisions will have to be made. 


The Banner Saga 2 launches on April 19, a few days before PAX East. Those who are interested in the lore and world of The Banner Saga and who are planning on attending the show can check out their booth and panel for prizes and giveaways. Additionally, a limited edition book that explores the game world, The Gift of Hadrborg by James Fadeley, will be sold at the show with a special signing event on April 23.


I know I'm definitely super excited to be seeing The Banner Saga 2 so soon after the 2014 release of the first game.



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Annnnd this reminds me that I need to finish this game. 


And I just reloaded Valkryia Chronicles....so much games. 

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