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Denver Extra Life Kickoff Recap and Upcoming Events

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Hi y'all!

For those of you who were able to make it to the kickoff, THANK YOU for coming out and brainstorming ideas for Extra Life in Denver for 2016 and playing games with Anissa and her family! It meant so much to them that they can come be a part of something with which they truly have a connection and interest.


We talked about a lot of things that we could implement this year, but I think our most pertinent consensus was that Extra Life needs to be a bigger deal in this market. That means the recruitment, involvement, participation, awareness, and dedication has to be improved. Denver has such amazing potential as one of the biggest gaming communities in the country, and we want to take advantage of that!

So! Here are some upcoming events that we should start talking about in terms of getting Extra Life represented:


I would love to support anyone who is willing and able to attend any of these events to represent Extra Life with materials. Please let me know if you are interested in helping with any of these events by emailing me at The deadline to sign up for Denver Comic Con assistance is Wednesday, March 30th. 


Recurring Events:



  • Game nights with patients and families at Children's Hospital Colorado Teen Zone
  • Monthly meetups - bowling, laser tag, etc?
  • Partnerships: 
    • Gamer's Haven
    • Game Stop
    • Used game shops
    • Wizard's Chest
    • Pepsi Center
    • Celebrities/Sports Icons

These opportunities are just ideas to start with - if you have a connection with any game shops, sports teams, etc. - USE THEM. This is your chance to spread the word!


We'll start with that, I know that's already plenty of information. Please let me know if you're able to attend any of these events to represent Extra Life. In the meantime, get your friends on board, start some connections, and let's get gaming!





Children's Miracle Network Coordinator, Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation


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