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My team and I are preparing to start our fundraising efforts for this year's Extra Life and I was hoping to get help from someone on bettering our team's logo. I named our team after my nephew, Dominic, who was diagnosed from muscular dystrophy about three years ago. Shortly after his diagnosis, I paid him a visit and got to spend some time with him (my sister and her family live in another state), and snapped a photo of him playing with a wooden sword my mom had bought him. He's a fan of video games and we play together every time I get to visit - at that time, he was beginning to discover the Legend of Zelda games, hence the sword. I snapped a photo of him just as he struck a pose a la Link, and it's one of my favorites today. My nephew's MD has since progressed to the point that he's now in a wheelchair, but he still loves to game. I opted to use the photo I took in 2013 as our team's logo the following year, because it represented what I think Extra Life stands for - hope, strength and courage.


I utilized Photoshop to apply a sketch filter to the original photo, which allowed me to somewhat convert the it into a makeshift drawing. That required a bit of erasing in Photoshop, plus some printing of the semi-finished product, outlining by hand, then re-scanning and touching up the photo again. I am sure there are easier and better ways to do what I did, but my Photoshop skills are limited to re-sizing, cropping and minor color correcting. My question to the forum then, is whether there is another way to do this in order to make the graphic more stylized, professional or look cleaner, using the original photo as a source.


I have attached the original photo, plus a photo of our T-shirts, which we've been using since 2014, as a reference to show you all what I'm talking about. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, as I'm hoping to give my nephew a revised version of the T-shirt this year once they are made. On behalf of Team Dom/Nation, thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


DomNation Tshirt.jpg

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so, are you going for a more cartoon-ized version kind of like what Link looks like? I am trying to get a feel for what sort of end-result you are looking for...

I can probably help you out. some of my other work can be found at http://www.mackdesigns.biz

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