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Monthly Meeting Minutes 3-15-16

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Extra Life Guild kick-off meeting 3/15/16 - CHoR at VCU conference room Brook Rd. campus


Leadership present

Jillian Ryan

Keith Wick

Amy Dickstein


Members in attendance



















Meeting started at 6:15 p.m. Follow the presentation by clicking the attached presentation file below.


1. Began with member introductions and free pizza to celebrate reaching last year’s recruitment challenge. For many present on Jill’s team, this is their 5th year in the marathon! Lots of veterans present, but several new folks, too.


2. Extra Life raised 8.3 million raised last year! The financial impact of EL gamers is far-reaching for children’s hospitals across the US and Canada!


2012: $12,405 86 players

2013: $18,281 213 players

2014: $29,820 245 players

2015: $48,416 373 players - Amazing growth!


3. Who is CHoR at VCU? Peds services at VCU Health encompassing all services and clinics across central Virginia. Downtown at the MCV campus is where critical care services are located. This year, the new Children’s Pavilion is opening next Monday (3/21) for services, which offers centralized pediatric outpatient services. We plan on offering hospital tours will this fall for both inpatient and outpatient services.


CHoR at VCU sees over 66,000 children a year. The focus is on preserving and improving the health and lives of children while letting kids be kids!


Virginia Treatment Center for Children (VTCC), CHoR’s mental health campus, opens Fall 2017. In 2014, VTCC had 950 inpatient admissions & 7,600 outpatient visits. Construction is currently underway next to the Brook Rd. campus.


4. Shared patient story about Audrey.


5. Discussed how funds raised by Extra Life are put to good use!

Some hospital funding is provided by state funding, but a substantial portion of care is supplemented by charitable donations. Pediatric care, on average, is five times more expensive than adult care.


Funds raised by programs like Extra Life go into an unrestricted fund and the Children’s Hospital meets every year to determine where the greatest hospital needs are to provide financial assistance. Equipment can make up a huge portion of that expense. Funds are supplied to critical needs or vital hospital initiatives. Amy is happy to answer any other questions about how funds are allocated.


6. What is an Extra Life Guild?


We are a collection of the people who participate in the Extra Life marathon every year. We have a shared common interest in gaming and helping local kids, and our guild allows us to network with other gamers who share our passion by meeting monthly! Our guild focuses on sharing that passion with others. We focus on recruitment by attending local events to get the word out about how Extra Life improves the lives of local kids.


Our guild is comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and hospital support from the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Please feel free to ask any of us questions about anything!


Last year was RVA’s first year as a guild and it make a demonstrable increase in our visibility, funds raised, and gamers registered to participate. This year, several more guild markets are launching. We're excited to have more guilds coming on board!


7. Extra Life United


Keith discussed the gaming competition hosted in Orlando, FL at the Coronado Springs Resort Feb 23-26. Over 100 gamers attended to compete for funds for their local hospitals in console, PC, and tabletop game tracks. As a part of the Momentum conference, attendees were able to interact with CMN Champions and their families, corporate partners and other CMN employees. Twitch broadcast the competition live. It was a blast!


Amy brought home an award for being the best hospital rep for Extra Life in the country! We're so proud to have her supporting our kids.


Next year’s Extra Life United will be hosted March 21-24, 2017 at Walt Disney World. We need more gamers from RVA to compete and bring home the money for CHoR!


8. What next?

Register to participate. Each year you must re-register to indicate your interest in participation.


Register for the forums! This is where we send updates to you and discuss upcoming events. The group calendar has updates on conventions and other volunteer opportunities as well. NOTE: this is a separate login from your event registration.


We'll be moving away from Facebook for sharing information in the future, so this will be your one-stop-shop for info.


Next meeting:

A vast majority of people in attendance agree that Sunday's are ideal for meetings. We will post the date for the next meeting this week!


9. Ended with a video about Dominic and his family. Watch that video here, but be prepared for some tears! This is a good example of why we do what we do.


Meeting ended at 7:30 pm


If you want an uplifting video, watch VCU Health's "Roar" video here!

Guild Kick Off 2016.pptx

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Now THAT's how you post meeting minutes! Wow! Also this is the first I've heard of dates for ELU next year. Glad I lurked and read your post even though I'm not even remotely part of your guild!

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4 hours ago, Sean Rooney said:

Now THAT's how you post meeting minutes! Wow! Also this is the first I've heard of dates for ELU next year. Glad I lurked and read your post even though I'm not even remotely part of your guild!


Thanks Sean! Happy to help! 

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