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Twitch Streaming Help - Nicholas Bashore/Avialence

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Hey everyone! 

I apologize for being a little late to the party here on the forums, but I did want to make a post before descending way too deep into The Division this coming week...

As I mentioned at the meeting, I've been streaming on Twitch for nearly 4 years now - and I'm happy to help anyone who's looking for advice when it comes to equipment, content production, scheduling, etc. I completely understand how difficult the barrier to entry is and more importantly, how frustrating it can be to develop your first streaming setup. It's a mix of equipment, capture cards, computer parts and digital art that gets confusing fast. I'm here to help where I can - with just about anything I can. I'll do my best to keep up with the forums here, but please feel free to message me on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch or email me at nicholasbashore@gmail.com if I don't respond within a few days or if the question is urgent. You all are welcome to come by and check out my equipment in person too if you'd like.

I'd totally be up for writing a guide for everyone here at the Extra Life Knoxville Guild sometime in the future - but for now, what questions do you have and what do you need help with specifically? 

ALSO: I'll be live on Twitch throughout this entire week for the launch of The Division - I highly encourage you guys to drop by and hangout in chat, plus feel free to ask questions there! I've attached my schedule for this week and you can find the stream at www.twitch.tv/AvialenceTV. 


 - Nicholas 'Avi' Bashore 


Twitch Schedule March Division.png

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Hey Nicholas,


Good talking to you the other night.  I don't have any questions at the moment, but I'd be curious to see a guide down the road.  I've used Open Broadcaster a little in my few PC streaming attempts.  I've mostly just used the built in Twitch functions of Xbox One and PS4 but I know that's not quiet going to cut it.  Never mind, I hate losing part of my TV real estate to the Twitch side bar.  I'd definitely like to up my game for my Extra-Life stream this year and any help to get me to a decent starting point would be appreciated.



- Ron

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