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2/27/16 Extra Life Giveaway Marathon

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Hey everyone! I'll be doing an Extra Life marathon tomorrow and would just like to let everyone know about it in case anyone would like to take part and/or support it.


It will be an Extra Life 12 hour marathon on Saturday February 27 from 12P - 12A EST. It's going to be a giveaway marathon with a focus on the Souls series. I have 25 games to give away. I will be giving away 2 games every hour and finish the stream with a drawing for Dark Souls III. I will be streaming the rest of Demon's Souls (if I don't finish it up this week) and Dark Souls 1. 


The raffles will work like so: For every 2 dollars you donate, you will receive 1 ticket in the hourly draw. For every $5 dollars, you will get one ticket in the grand prize draw (DSIII). So a $12 donation will get you 6 tickets in hourly draw and 2 tickets in the grand prize draw.The game list is below, but the 2 games given away every hour will remain a secret until it's time to draw.


I am also going to attempt to have a "wall of heroes" on the wall behind me. I'm going to try and put up large posters with the usernames of anyone who donates more than $20. I have the supplies, I just need to test it to make sure it will work with the lighting and camera.


Any hosts or other support is greatly appreciated and, of course, feel free to stop by and take part (or just hang out :D ) in the festivities!


Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/cakarst




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